View Full Version : Last movie of late Bob J premieres December 16

8th December 2011, 04:09 PM
The last movie Masquerades in which the late Kwame Bob Johnson popularly known in the industry as Bob J worked on before he met his untimely death a year ago is set to premiere December 16 at the Silverbird Cinema.

Born Robert Kwame Amissah Johnson, Bob J, one of the industry’s finest who worked as a cameraman and a Director of Photography (DOP) on several productions died on the spot in a fatal motor accident at Aburi while allegedly training some soldiers how to ride a motorbike.

The late Bob J

Among his numerous exploits, he was the lighting consultant for renowned productions such as Scorned and Perfect Picture, and was also the Director of Photography for A Sting In A Tale, CheckMate and 6 Hours To Christmas all of Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Sparrow Productions.

Bob worked with other producers such as Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM)’s Double, Kwaw Ansah’s The Good Old Days and Abdul Sallam’s 4 Play Reloaded.

Producers of the movie, Masquerades, Zedec Entertainment, which he worked on as a DOP before his death, organised a press premiere at the Silverbird Cinema Wednesday. Bob J was also supposed to work on the Post Production of that movie.

Masquerades is directed by Belgian director, Xavier Arijs and stars Desmond Elliot, Adjetey Anang, Senanu Gbedawo, Dzifa Gomashie, legendary Ebenezer Donkor popularly known as Katawere and a host of others.

The movie is a hilarious family comedy that explores today’s contemporary family life during Christmas.

It tells the story of a family after several years apart finally gets drawn home to their first Christmas by a tragedy; the death of their uncle.

As the funeral expenses pile up and in pursuit of social status each of the family members is determined to maintain a lifestyle that will compliment how rich they ‘’claim’’ to be.

However underneath all that is a dysfunctional family struggling to keep up appearances, and as the story unfolds we are introduced to a family of secrets where everyone has something to hide.

As their uncle’s funeral and Christmas draws near, a series of hilarious events occur which lead to uncovering each family member’s secret and forces them to confront their true identities.

Just when they are beginning to settle into their newly found honest lives, a big deception is uncovered which leads to an unexpected chain of events.

And we are again drawn into a web of habitual lies where nothing or no one is perceived to be. This story takes us on a trip to the reminiscent era when Christmas was only as complicated as food, drinks, and merry making.

With its unique storyline, cast and picture quality, Masquerades is definitely a must watch movie.