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8th December 2011, 01:27 PM
Akweley of Ghana's Most Beautiful

With the fifth edition of the popular Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality pageant just gone by, organisers TV3, may be realising how this year, the effect of their project may be covering more ground than ever before.

While the winner, Akua may be girding her loins to start her anti-streetism project in Kumasi, the third place winner, Akweley has already begun her sanitation campaign in Accra. And what a big start she’s got!

Besides the GH5000 cedis prize package that she got, Akweley has also benefitted from a brand new KIA Cerato saloon from her sponsors, Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and Zoomlion Company.

Speaking to radio host Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review programme last Saturday, an obviously delighted Akweley confirmed that indeed the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant has opened doors for her.

“I’m happy with my performance in the pageant and so are many other people who followed the show, including my sponsors,” she said on the radio programme.

Akweley said that she did her best and expressed her contentment with her third-place win and explained that like everyone else, she entered the contest with the hope of winning. “Yes, I was disappointed when I didn’t win. I felt bad on the night that I had let my people down and that disappointment may have been written all over my face”, she said.

Answering a question as to whether it was true that she had Ghana’s Most Beautiful written on her gift car, Akweley denied it and said that rather it were the logos of AMA, Zoomlion, her picture and the inscription ’Sanitation Ambassador’ that had been embossed on her car.

She disclosed that, she was a beneficiary of a second car, a Neon saloon, that her twin sister Akuokor, also bought for her in appreciation of how well she performed on the 13-week television show.

Speaking about her sanitation project, Akweley said that the efforts of the Accra City authorities to ensure desirable sanitation practices in the capital have taken many forms in the past. Her contribution, she said, was to take the sanitation campaign direct into homes.

“What the people really need is education. As an Ambassador for Sanitation, I’ll take my campaign to the grassroots. As has been said ‘charity begins at home’ so I’ll be going to households to interact with them directly on how to manage our waste”.

Showing her humorous side, Akweley told Kwasi Aboagye that for the honour done her by AMA and Zoomlion, people should begin addressing her as “honourable”. “Call me Honourable Akweley, and I’ll be too happy to respond”, she said.

“Akweley, arent you lucky”, Kwasi Aboagye exclaimed to which she responded gracefully, “I am”.

Source: Graphic Showbiz