View Full Version : PHOTO: Anas Caught With Human Hand

8th December 2011, 12:09 AM
Ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas was arrested in Tanzania last month for processing human body parts he was using in an undercover investigative work.

Anas, who was grabbed with the chopped off hand of a young albino, was said to have been kept at a police post overnight but was released the next morning as authorities launched investigations into the matter.

He was reported to have been arrested when his vehicle was searched at a police checkpoint in a town called Geita near Mwanza in Tanzania.


NEWS-ONE gathered that Anas was in Tanzania for an undercover investigation into how the hands and legs of young albinos were cut off and used as a crucial ingredients in preparing a supposedly potent juju, an African charm, that can give one money, power and fame.

Anas, on reaching Tanzania, feigned interest in the juju that is prepared with the body parts of albino children and therefore had to get a human hand at all cost before approaching the witch doctor who would prepare the juju.

NEWS-ONE has also been informed that in Tanzania, children born with albinism have become endangered as they are often kidnapped and sold for money.

In some instances, parents chop off the hands of their young children who have albinism and sell them for money.

Anas’ investigations into the issue, NEWS-ONE gathered, had generated an uproar in Tanzania, with reports indicating that several residents of that country believed the Ghanaian journalists ‘protected’ himself with some powerful deity else he would not have dared to go undercover in the camp of witchdoctors and sorcerers.

Source: News-One Exclusive