View Full Version : Music Video: Edem Moves From Hip Pop To Reggae

6th December 2011, 10:05 PM
Consistency has been his specialty for some time now and he has chosen to keep surprising his fans. After a name change form Ayigbe Edem to just Edem, the former 'ewe' dialect only rapper has been on the rise. So fast that listening to him feels new all the time.


Not only did he show his versatile side when he warmed the airways with'Ghetto Arise' , but he also came on with his English rapper side when he featured on Klu Monters','Love You Make You Shock' and later his own,'Over Again'.

Re-branding himself has been the most significant steps in his entire music career. The Volta Regime representative has shown Ghana these past few months that he has more than just more to offer. With an album release date postponed, he decided to quench the thirst of his fans for his music with Ghetto Arise video.

The video was released via the world wide web yesterday (4th December, 2011) at approximately 10:05 GMT. A true expression of what the tune stood for, sufferings the ghetto youth.

Following the storyline is Kwame is a young man, aspiring to be a Fashion Entrepreneur who lives in Nima. He suffers to make ends meet but as he struggles to achieve realize his dreams, he finally makes it. Becoming a renowned Fashion Designer, running his own clothe line.

Tina is also a Financial Analyst aspirant who has no one to depend on. So in trying so hard to survive, she tends to --- trade just for a few notes.

The light finally shines on her and she makes it onto an investment firm, aside volunteering at a women's development center. 'Ghetto Arise' video goes that extra mile to expose how some youth go through a lot just to survive, and that is what music video experts have always sought after.

Its not a surprise to know that this is another of Nana Kofi Asihene NKACC's Production. Still be on the look out for more to come from the man Edem.

Watch "Ghetto Arise" Video below: