View Full Version : Ethel Makes It To The Finals of Project Fame

6th December 2011, 10:03 PM
Ghana's rep at the on going project fame Ethel Eshun has made it to the final of the on reality show inside Nigeria after series of probation threats from judges and faulty.

The singer passed the last lap in the competition with an amazing performance. Her management team says Ayekoo to all voters from here and across Africa.

Ethel Eshuns qualification into the final means that for the third time Ghana gets a representative at the project Fame finals and as always they lift the flag of Ghana high.

Ethel at Project Fame

However for all those who always doubted the placement of the Ghanaian rep even before the final show should use this as a trusting stone for the singer. In a chat with the manager Festus Ashong he disclosed that, "it is obvious, now the whole of Ghana knows that Ethel was worth the vote, and all these times of probation threats for us we knew it was a simple test of confidence, we are happy she has been able to live up to expectation".

He also added that, "anytime they get the chance to communicate with her, they strengthen her by telling Ghanaians are voting for her and the whole country is solidly behind her, hence she should always think of the country first then herself.

"Now that Ethel is in the final and my humble appeal to all Ghanaians is, lets finish hard, lets support our talent at the ongoing Project Fame West Africa and thankfully we will bag another achievement", Festus noted.

In his final words he said, on behalf of Ethel Eshun, management team, friends, family, and myself, we want to say thank you for all your support and love but to vote for her please lets follow the drill, text 5 to MTN short code 1739.

Let's finish hard and together as a country we will smile soon, it's Ethel Eshun in the final of MTN project fame, make sure she wins.