View Full Version : I've Never Had Sexx With Jon Germain - Lillian

26th November 2011, 10:23 PM
Lillian Larkai, the lady at the centre of an alleged sexual relationship with musician and TV personality Jon Germain, has reacted harshly to the claims.

Media reports claim the alleged sexual relationship and public pressure forced Jon Germain to abrogate a contract with her after Lillian had featured in two music videos, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Love Zone’, for the artiste.

Lillian, who is an actress, told myjoyonline in an interview from Belgium, where she currently resides, that the rumours and stories of the alleged sexual relationship initially amused her: “I started laughing about it because the whole story is not true. They said Jon Germain cancelled my contract which is so not true.”


She said the stories and allegations started getting to her when people started questioning her about it.

According to her, she has known Jon since 2008 and that they lost touch until a gentleman, who is related to music producer Appietus, called her last year requesting her to feature in a music video for his friend – who turned out to be Jon Germain.

She revealed that in her bid to listen to the song before featuring in the video, she got to know the video was for Jon Germain so she “decided not to take anything from him [for the video shoot].”
Lillian stressed that she never dated Jon Germain, stating, “What is between Jon and I is friendship and even though we are friends, we barely see each other… the last time I saw him was last year, moreover I have a boyfriend which Jon even knew about.”

Reacting to stories that due to their relationship and the controversies it had generated, Jon had to ‘fire’ her to save his image, Lillian, a graduate of Vogue Style Fashion Design School, said Jon could not abrogate any contract with her because “we never had a contract”, stressing further that “Jon and I never had --- and we never had any contract.”


She is still dumbfounded that people could cook up stories just to tarnish her image, explaining, “I did two videos for him and people are assuming that we are dating.”

Lillian is of the view that because Jon Germain used a different lady for his latest video, ‘Set The Night’, that might have fuelled perceptions that she was fired.

The curvy actress plans returning to Ghana in December for the Christmas festivities.

Source: Daily Guide