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25th November 2011, 11:53 AM
Funny Face of ‘Chorkor Trotro’ fame has set his eyes on some not-so-funny goals in life. He now wants to be a lawyer.

Known in real life as Benson Ohene-Oduro Boateng, the renowned comedian and actor who plays the lead character of Chemu in the popular TV series told The Globe newspaper in an exclusive interview yesterday that he will be attending law school in England next year.


The former student of O’Reilly Secondary School in Accra now wants to tie his clients and opponents up, not in stitches, but in the arcane rules of the law.

Some might interpret this move as his way of running away from the increasingly competitive field of comedy, but Funny Face has other ideas. “Comedy is not a competition.

Everyone stays in their lane and we all respect each other. People who take comedy as a competition do not know what they are doing. I have been doing this for some time now and I respect everybody in this profession.”

But what led him into comedy? “I discovered my talent through hunger, believe me. I am a living testimony to hunger. Have you been hungry before? If you have then you will know where I am coming from. Hunger will let you think of what to do with your life.”

The walking repository of rib-cracking jokes claims he is still single, although a number of ladies are beating down his door. He told 'the Globe' there is a particular lady he admires a lot but hasn’t mastered the courage to propose to yet.

However, he has a firm date and time when he will ‘macho’ himself. “I will propose to her on the 29th of this month at 12:30pm and when I do that and she accepts, 'the Globe' will be the first to know. I would like to have a wife who is very similar to me you know, I mean one who will behave like me sometimes. I also have a plan for the future and that is to come up with my own school which I plan to name ‘Funny World.’

“I will encourage all who are planning on having kids to bring them along when they are ready and trust me your kids will never be the same in six months. I also plan to start acting movies next year because that is all I do, I just watch movies in my leisure time. I just love comedy movies,” he disclosed. But it is not just for relaxation purposes. “That (comedy) is what I do for a living. This is my life and I am taking it very serious.


God has been so good to me and He is the reason why I am known all over the place today. I recently visited Uganda to participate in the Comedy Club Life in Kampala and Life in Lagos which was a nice experience.”

Any future plans, apart from the law?

“My next target is to come up with my own comedy titled ‘I want to be a Christian’. I want to shake the whole comedy world and let them know that the new revolution has arrived. Excuuuu….ze…me!”

Source: The Globe