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16th November 2011, 10:08 PM
I know it is not only me who can’t believe so soon, the ‘sexy, sassy, wahala’ is on its 6th grade. The past 5 Chapters have been intriguing, comical and full of ‘wahala’. ‘Adams Apples’ is somehow like a movie that I want to know what the end says and yet it is so fun that I wish it never ends.

Chapter 6 of Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ten chapter cinema movie series ‘Adams Apples’ is here with more exciting and wahala as the Adams’ family journey through another stage of their lives.

The Chapter 6 story goes….

“New beginnings? At least Ivy prefers them now – she resolves it will be better for her boyfriend’s old memories to stay buried while they create new ones together. Gerald, on the other hand, has different plans. He reveals the most alarming information in a private session with his therapist.

A mysterious gentleman consults secretly with Jennifer. Is he connected to her mother’s plot to get rid of Michele and have Albert all to herself? More scheming goes on, with a crook and an unforgiving temptress teaming up to destroy one struggling marriage. They may even succeed sooner than expected, as Chris nears the truth about his dishonest wife.

Kukua’s dilemma hits the roof when she sets off unbelievable commotion in the office. But home is no haven either, as it threatens to become a hot warzone. And when she returns to work to smooth things out with Denu, who better to charge in and claim her man, than the all-new and improved Aseye? Chidi was right after all- it’s showdown in little Tokyo!”

Adams Apples Chapter 6 will hit SilverBird Cinema on Friday, 25th Novemeber, 2011 (Grand Opening) (8pm and 9:45pm). Note it down in your diary!

Check out the Snippet of Chapter 6 Below…


16th November 2011, 10:12 PM
i love the background music from Efya..very romantic..:)lol