View Full Version : Rihanna’s Brother Launches Music Career

14th November 2011, 03:25 PM
RIHANNA'S younger brother has launched a music career. Fingers-crossed that Rorrey Fenty, who goes by the stage name GQ, doesn't share the same penchant for S&M clobber.

New career ... Rorrey and Rihanna

Or, perhaps even worse, for upsetting Irish farmers by stripping off on their land. The superstar gave him a little help with a plug to her 9.5million followers Twitter. His lyrics are nowhere near as filthy as big sis's, I can confirm after a listen to his first solo track Feel Me.

But it's not going to make the music world stand up and take notice. Indeed, if he continues to produce similar tracks, he may actually have to wear one of Rihanna's outfits on stage to make a name for himself.

Source: thesun.co.uk