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11th November 2011, 11:59 AM
It is not clear how poison found its way into the food of Prince Bright aka Bling Sparkles, a member of Ghana’s exciting musical duo Buk Bak.

Reports reaching News-One suggest that Bright was recently admitted at a private hospital in Accra where he spent a little over a week after doctors said he had consumed a large amount of poisoned food.

“It was a very serious and if not for God, the news would have been something else. He started to complain of stomach upset soon after eating the food and he just went off a few minutes later even before we could grab some medicine from a pharmacy nearby.

Prince Bright (right)

“So we rushed him to the hospital and it was there that the doctors confirmed that there was poison in his food. It was serious because they said the quantity was large enough to have caused bad news,” a source hinted News-One and said he was with Buk Bak and some friends when the incident occurred.

Ronnie Coches, the other member of Buk Bak, also confirmed to News-One in a telephone interview that Bright was hospitalized for food poison, adding the episode was “alarming and worrying”.

It is not clear what is happening within the entertainment industry in Ghana but the players have to be more careful because news of poison finding its way into the food of celebrities is becoming rampant.

Award-winning actor Majid Michel was earlier reported to have found a tin of milk he was to have used for breakfast, poisoned. The incident occurred while Majid was on a movie location with other movie makers.

Buk Bak is on record as the first hiplife group in Ghana to be successful with Ga lyrics and also top music charts with songs in Twi, English and Pidgin.

Source: News-One