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10th November 2011, 02:24 AM
A Ghanaian surgeon based in London, who uses laser surgery to boost women's --- lives faces a life ban for damaging five patients.

Professor Phanuel Dartey - who has pioneered the use of lasers for cosmetic genital surgery - is due to appear before the General Medical Council next week. The 68-year-old, who claims he has helped hundreds of women patients over the last three years, has been suspended for 18 months pending the outcome of investigation into his case.

He practised at several major private hospitals in London and two years ago hit the headlines with an injection designed to enlarge the G spot. The jab is said to increase the number of orgasms experienced by a woman by making it easier for their partners to hit the target.

Professor Dartey - a gynaecologist and obstetrician runs the UK Laser Gynaecology Centre from rooms in London's Harley Street.

But Professor Dartey's main work was in the controversial area of 'vaginal rejuvenation' using a laser treatment developed in the USA. His operations cost as much as 6,000. Some doctors believe that such surgery should be banned.

Many of Dartey's patients were women who wanted their --- lives restored following difficult childbirth while others were concerned about the external appearance of their genitals.

Cosmetic surgery

Professor Dartey claims that he has been suspended on the basis of one complaint from a patient who had undergone cosmetic surgery on her labia.

He said: "She wasn't happy with the aesthetic result of the operation. That can happen. This type of surgery is very personal and I always offer further surgery without charge if the end result wasn't quite what was wanted."

But the GMC's case is that he harmed a number of patients and also worked without medical insurance.

He is charged with not obtaining consent for labial surgery from one patient, not telling her about risks and complications and leaving her scarred.

He is alleged to have operated 'inappropriately' on another lady and with a third failed to manage post surgery complications.

His website states: "The majority of operations performed at the UK LGC are on women post childbirth suffering from vaginal prolapse resulting in urinary stress incontinence."

Professor Dartey is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, I was shocked that the GMC decided to suspend me. They have presented no serious evidence that I am a risk to patients. The expert witness who they used to criticise my surgery isn't even qualified in laser surgery so can't judge my results.

He claimed: I have lots of satisfied women patients since I started using a laser for this type of surgery. I have carried out more than 250 operations using the laser and there have been no complaints.

I have had lots of compliments from patients who have said my surgery has transformed their lives. I have practised in this country for 40 years and have never had any complaints by patients to the GMC.

10th November 2011, 09:03 AM
eeeiissshhhh asem ni....is it that bad that you have to undergo this....anyways.....smh