View Full Version : Naa Ashorkor Blamed For Miss Malaika Mix Up

9th November 2011, 02:49 PM
While the debate about who deserved to win Miss Malaika 2011 continues in the media and amongst many Ghanaians, I have discovered the source of the confusion that questioned the credibility of the pageant in the minds of many patrons including myself at Saturday night’s event.

An MC for Miss Malaika, Naa Ashorkor

The blunder about reading live judge scores that didn’t reflect in the declaration of the winner was due to the way one of the hosts announced the scores.

When Naa Ashorkor was mentioning the scores from the first judge, she said that the judge had scored Alex 2 and Gerry 1 (points) while she should have said Alex 2nd and Gerry 1st. So in the minds of people, Alex had won the first vote since she had a bigger point than Gerry.

After a slight pulse, Chris Attoh and Naa Ashorkor went on to announce the remaining results; this time saying that Alex was 1st on the cards of two of the other judges with Gerry winning on the other two. This logical deduction meant that Alex had won 3 out of the 5 judges while indeed it was the opposite.

So after the results were confirmed by Media Edge, the hosts went on to declare Gerry as the winner and that shocked the crowd because apart from their tabulation of results which put Alex first, many believed Alex deserved to win Miss Malaika 2011 based on how she answered the ‘Make or Break Question’ and the tie-breaker.

And I agree with the masses. However it is the decision of the judges that matter, and now that I have cleared up the confusion about the result for myself, Miss Geraldine Partington can go ahead and wear her Miss Malaika crown with a ‘clear conscience’.

Source: Ameyawdebrah.com