View Full Version : Death Threat Hits Miss Malaika

9th November 2011, 09:33 AM
Alexandra Ayirebi-Acquah, 1st runner-up of the 2011 Miss Malaika beauty pageant, has been threatened with death if she continues to go near the overall winner, Gerry Partington, says information reaching News-One.

Text messages sent to Alexandra’s phone reportedly warned her that Ghana was behind her and that she was to have been the winner of last Saturday’s contest therefore she should never disappoint Ghana by going near the winner else she may have to pay with her life.


It is believed that the threat is most likely to have originated from persons who are bent on creating a rift among the winners as part of a grand scheme of running down Charter House, organizers of the pageant.

Law enforcement agents and Information Technology experts are working on the threat and tracking the numbers the message originated from. Charter House has therefore decided to keep the issue under wraps, aside a subtle confirmation, from the organization’s Public Relations Manager, Juno Abena Turkson, that she had information that Alexandra had received such threats.

No Stolen Verdict
News-One’s investigations have revealed that Gerry Partington actually won the contest on a clean slate and with clean hands as the final score sheet revealed - that three out of the five judges for the night actually voted in her favour.

Though a section of the media had reported that three of the judges voted for Alexandra Ayirebi-Acquah and that only two voted for Gerry Partington, evidence on the ground and the score sheets prove that the judges rather ruled in favour of Gerry but it was the announcer who slipped when announcing the results.

Checks from Charter House showed that after the final five had been selected, there was a tie between Gerry Partington and Alexandra Ayirebi-Acquah, therefore they were asked a ‘penalty’ question after which the five judges were asked to vote and three voted for Gerry.
“These are very credible persons within the entertainment industry and they are available for anyone to ask them how they voted. Apart from that, it is unfair to blame Charter House because we do not decide who should win and who should not win. We leave that decision entirely to the judges and all we do is to provide them with the score sheets and give them the criteria.


All five judges are still in town and none of them has complained that they did not vote for Gerry so people should stop been mischievous. “Three of the judges voted for Gerry as their first choice and Alexandra as their second choice while two voted for Alexandra as their first choice and Gerry as their second choice,” Juno Abena Turkson told News-One.

The Charter House Public Relations Manager continued: “It is upsetting because these are young ladies with a passion and people need to be fair to them. Now people are calling them and telling them all kinds of stuffs and this is having a toll on their emotions and all that,” she added.

The Public Relations Manager expressed disappointment that a section of the media did not bother to crosscheck their information from the judges, the event statisticians or even Charter House, before going to press with a story that has turned out to be absolutely misleading.

Source: News one