View Full Version : Is Charter House foisting fraud on Ghanaians?

9th November 2011, 01:53 AM
After controversially crowning Gerry Partington as the 2011 Miss Malaika to the dismay and utter disgust of many, Charter House, organisers of the beauty pageant appear to be doing all they can to control information regarding the conduct of the finale of this year's event.

The fiercely fought competition, described as ‘pure fraud’ on the night, saw Alexandra Ayirebi-Acquah who dazzled many with her unparalleled intellectual responses to questions and dazzling beauty, was ‘robbed of’ what was largely believed to be rightfully hers.

Alexandra Ayirebi-Acquah, 2011 Miss Malaika first runner up

Last Saturday’s show, according to the organisers, recorded the first ever tie – between Alex and Gerry - since the show’s inception nine years ago.

To break the tie, the two were asked to “Define three qualities a woman of the millennium should have” and Alex's intelligent answer brought the audience to their feet winning her the votes of three out of the five judges.

Gerry on the other hand fumbled in her attempt to answer the question. On the basis of this performance all concluded Alex had won and the deafening chanting of her name filled the auditorium. But they were wrong!

Gerry was declared winner and many were stunned. The largely disappointed audience, expressing their outrage shouted in unison, “This is pure rigging.”

After public outcry, Myjoyonline.com contacted Charter House, event organisers, Tuesday in a bid to interview Alex, the first runner up in the contest. After hours of feet-dragging and insistence that we rather speak to the winner, Charter House finally agreed to our request albeit grudgingly.

At around 2:30pm, Myjoyonline.com got to the Charter House offices and after conducting a conditional interview with Theresa Ayoade, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Charter House it was time to interview Alex.

Then the event organisers insisted on having a third party sit in the interview probably to prevent Alex from freely expressing her views in a manner that may embarrass Charter House. When our objections to the arrangement failed, we compromised but this third party chose to act as defence council for Alex, preventing her from answering certain questions.

He kept interrupting the interview preventing Alex from answering Myjoyonline.com's questions.

In the face of the constant interference, the interview was truncated.

The questions begging asking are: is Charter House hiding something by seeking to virtually prevent Alex from speaking?

Why did the event organisers take all the trouble to control what information went out regarding the conduct of the finale last Saturday?

Can it be said that Charter House has enough confidence in the fairness of the process that led to Gerry being crowned Miss Malaika? These indeed are mind-boggling questions that beg answering.