View Full Version : Fetish priest clashes with producer over movie

23rd October 2011, 12:01 PM
Nana Sabaliki, a fetish priest at Sandema in the Upper East Region is demanding four red dogs, four red dats, four red goats, and four red fowls from the producer of the movie titled, 'Diawuo', to pacify his gods.

The movie producer has been ordered to bring a red cat. A two headed cat is not even enough.

The reason is simple. A Kumasi-based movie producer, Munche, had released,‘Diawuo’, using the name Sabaliki for the Fetish Priest in the movie, which is incidentally the same as that of the fetish priest.

Nana Sabaliki said if the items are scarce to come by, the producers of the movie must come to Sandema where these items are accessible.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem Friday, Nana Sabaliki said several attempts to get the Producer to change the title of the movie, have failed.

He said the movie producer had challenged his powers and he was prepared to show him where power lies.

The fetish priest asked the movie producer and its director to come to Sandema with the requested items to pacify the gods, failure of which will infuriate the gods.