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17th September 2010, 04:43 AM
A relationship that gives you freedom to interact closely with many people may be termed as open relationship. You may go around and spend time with many friends before you feel close to one of them. At that time you may want to discuss close relationship with that friend and that will also mark the phase of open relationship.

To be in an open relationship is ok for those who are not committed. If you are already committed, you should first discuss why you are dissatisfied with your partner, break away and then move on to open relationship. Having open relationship when you are already committed is a sure recipe for emotional disaster. Keep your honesty intact and you will find happiness.

A dishonest person is always an unhappy person. Therefore if you are looking for open relationships for some reason, you should make this clear to all concerned and first remove the past commitment from your life.

Courtesy: www.yourromanceguide.com