View Full Version : Nadia Buari to Pay $100,000

17th October 2011, 04:10 PM
Over the weekend on Peace FM’s Entertainment review programme, Nadia Buari’s father reacted to the dubious sex tape which circulated around recently….As I wrote some few days ago here, though the person in the video (---- star) carries the look of Nadia Buari making a lot of people to speculate and assume it was Nadia Buari, it turned out not to be her….

Questions such as why would someone cut a piece of a lengthy sex tape to intentionally disgrace and subject Ghanaian Actress Nadia Buari to ridicule has been on the lips of many individuals…

From what I personally gathered after my publication on this subject, it seems the short sex tape had been circulating around for weeks….

As to why no body questioned it or did not write about it to displace/kill the then fast spreading rumour and allegation until I recently took upon myself to do it, I can’t answer…

The good thing about it all is that, even though the tape had circulated for weeks via BB, Emails and Facebook thereby tarnishing Nadia Buari’s name in secret, after GhanaCelebrities.Com’s publication which questioned the authenticity of the tape and whether indeed the said person was a Ghanaian celebrity, the matter instantly got the neccessary attention from the various media houses and even the Buari family…

As a result of this,we now have the truth and we all know as a matter of FACT that, it is not Nadia Buari. What we do not still know is the person who started the scandal and the actual intention of this person…Was he/she paid to do this? Why Nadia Buari? Who is behind it if the person was paid?

The legendary musician and father of Nadia Buari-Alhaji Sidiku Buari added his voice to the issue via Peace FM and also revealed that someone called him to threaten that if he doesn’t pay a ransom of $100,000, he will destroy his daughter Nadia Buari.