View Full Version : Yesterday Strike, Today Demonstration, What Next?

15th October 2011, 09:50 PM
Not long ago we heard about the Ghanaian teachers refusing to go back into the classroom due to payment defaults with respect to the Single Spine Salary (SSS).

Now we have our Doctors also refusing to treat the sick also because of the same reason. As a matter of fact, we all agree that this is indeed a dangerous move taken by our fellow professionals in the medical field.

In Agogo traditional area, the youth have also refused to allow any recreational activity to be undertaken because of Fulanai herdsmen who they claim are treat and hmm… just yesterday, reports reaching my headquarters suggest that pregnant women in one local district have also demonstrated against their district doctor of incompetence.


What is going on fellow Ghanaians? Is the country indeed in disarray as some media houses report or there is an agenda to make the government unpopular? The “enko yea” hymn started gaining grounds right from the “first hundred days” till now and still “enko yea”, eei. Even when it doesn’t rain on a Good Friday they blame the government, what a joke. Is this the 21st system of governance we emulating? A word to the wise is ……

Indeed the issue of the Doctors refusing to go back to work have raised concerns among the Ghanaian public and is interesting to know that the leadership not only from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have also joined in. Yes that is a good call but if I may ask, is the sacking of the head of the sector the solution? In other words, sacking the minister of health the solution to the strike? If so this could have been resolved long time ago.

Wait a minute, i thought all “Die be Die” be it motorist accident or suffering from malaria and not giving the necessary medication. The opposition could have suggested a way out instead of asking the President to sack some members of his cabinet. The blame game is enough and this reiterated our echo of dirty politics we claim to practice in the name of democracy. Again is this the best solution to the problem we all face? I guess is very clear that indeed all “die no be die” because some can be prevented if we value life.
Nonetheless, let’s not forget that the Doctors are asking for their reward for their services which indeed is their right but can we bring back the dead if medication could have been the solution the loss? As much as we plead with our doctors, we also plead with the government to speed up the process required to start the payment ASAP.

Our attentions have also been drawn to the fact that our visually impaired brethren’s (The Blind) have also requested the National Health Scheme should factor into its policy eye treatments. This is a good call and we hope someone in authority is listening before we incur another demo.

The Ghanaian Youth in the Diaspora (GHiTD) on this note have also joined the plea initiated by the President and the oppositions humbly requesting our doctors to go back to the negotiation table to sort out the differences before more lives are lost. Let’s not forget that lives lost could not be brought back and indeed this could have been prevented if the right thing is done.


Source: Borketey Bortey Boniwaxi65@hotmail.com On twitter follow @ borketey