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15th October 2011, 04:47 PM
The words “short and sassy” and “long and luxurious” fit together for a reason. Your hair says a lot about you. If your hair isn't expressing your inner beauty like you wish it would, take these tips straight to the salon for tresses that bring out your individual personality.

Laid-back and easygoing
If you're the type of gal that can make the best out of any situation and is ready to roll with the punches, your friends might describe you as "laid-back." And laid-back ladies don't need to fuss with their locks all the time. A simple wash-and-go style is your best bet. For straight hair, consider texturized, shoulder-length styles. They will add flair to your hair without overdoing it, while still maintaining a style that's easy to blow out or let dry on its own. For curly or wavy hair, rock a super short, super cute style. These hair types can be difficult to manage, and keeping it short and sweet makes curly haircare instantly simpler. How short should you go? Consult your stylist for face shape recommendations.

2. Sassy and artsy
So the status quo just isn't for you? That's good news for your stylist, who would love to use you as their personal art canvas. If you're feeling experimental, change up your hair color dramatically. Go for jet black, bright red or platinum blonde -- those bold colors that make a statement and get you instantly noticed when you walk into a room. Accessorize with stand-out accessories like feather and flower clips, bows, funky berets and other fun, expression-packed hair adornments.

3. Sultry and stunning
Sexy hair often means long hair. If you don't want to wait for your locks to grow out, head to the salon to get extensions for that instant hit of va va voom. Whether it's to add volume or length, extensions are a great way to add dimension and style to an otherwise bland style. To grow out your hair the old-fashioned way, be sure to keep hot tools and harsh brushing away from it for a few months. When you're ready to rock your new 'do, head to the stylist to get the right layered cut for your face shape to make your new long hair look less heavy, more sexy.

4. Professional and on-the-rise
Being professional is part low maintenance, part maintaining a practical look. For the on-the-go office dweller, a simple cut that's easy to care for with just a touch of extra styling is key. Add bangs to a shoulder length cut for instant architectural dimension, or layers, punctuated by a quick round with a curling iron.

18th October 2011, 08:33 AM
Thanks for sharing,
My hairs are silky and I am very worried about my hairs. I want to make a style for my hair but it is not possible for me to do so.