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15th October 2011, 04:43 PM
Don't go heavy on the foundation. Heavy foundation often makes you look a lot older than you are. Heavy foundation also cracks under hot conditions, a situation that could leave you quite embarrassed in front of your co-workers. Instead, choose a good-quality concealer and use it to cover up your blemishes. Then apply a light water-based foundation to even out your skin tone.

Don't pile on the powder. Like foundation, two much powder can make you look years older. Excess powder also finds its way into the creases of your face and gives you a plastered look. Instead, use a large powder brush to lightly dust on powder. Then, use a clean brush to dust off the excess powder.

Don't use eyeliner to create smoky, dramatic eyes. Smoky eyes may look great on you in social situations, but at work they make you look tired. Instead, apply a small amount of eyeliner over your top lid or halfway over your top and bottom lids to give your eyes definition without drama.

Eye shadow
Don't wear brightly colored eye shadows. Some people can pull off blue, green and purple eye shadow at work but most women should leave those colors in the makeup bag until the cocktail hour. Instead, wear earth-toned eye shadows to work, such as ----, light brown, pink and peach. Eye shadows fade as the day goes on and if you are already wearing light colors, you will remain looking as fresh as you did when you arrived at work.

Don't wear colored mascara. Stick to brown or black.

Don't forget your eyebrows. Purchase a good-quality eyebrow pencil to blend wayward eyebrow hairs into place between waxes.

Don't wear a lot of blush to work. Too much blush makes you look comical and draws attention away from your eyes, a serious professional blunder. People need to feel comfortable looking into your eyes when they speak to you, so give yourself the opportunity to get the professional attention you deserve. Apply a light, neutral blush to your cheeks, such as a matte peach or pink.

Don't wear bright or deep lipstick. Wear understated matte lip colors, such as brown, ----, pink or peach or wear a clear lip gloss.

Don't head out to the nearest drug or grocery store to purchase new work makeup. The fluorescent store lights make it nearly impossible to choose appropriate work makeup colors. Instead, make an appointment with a professional makeup artist at your local mall or shopping center. The appointments are usually free with a minimal purchase and you see how the finished product looks before you buy it.