View Full Version : What a man need to know before he marriage and What God expect from him?

15th October 2011, 03:28 PM
What is a husband? What does a man need to know before he marries?

H- honor is the Key to a successful life, honor brings eternal rewards

U- understanding of each others needs, and Gods wisdom for all

S- secure in HIS faith (Christ must be alive from within)

B- building family unity starting with unity under Christ with ones wife

A- agreeable not contentious with his wife and family

N- nurturing drawing out the best in his wife and family

D- defender physically and spiritually over his wife and family


Before any man should be allowed to marry, he should know what is a husband, a Husband is a care taker of the garden called family, he is to keep out those who prey upon the seeds planted, he is to weed the garden with a nurturing love and Godly patience for those in his care, he is to pray with an assured faith that GOD is the creator, and the provider, and the wisdom of all, he is to be the head answerable to God with a reverence fear in the Lord (Jesus the Christ alive within for every decisions to be made), he is NOT to try to be their lord, he must lay his life down for the love of his family, to serve them by serving God faithfully, he is to not be filled with lustful desires yet with honorable passion for his wife, he is to have a gentle correction for the children not leaving the entire child raising to his wife while he works late and goes golfing with his buddies, he is to be in unity for everything from house rules and loving the kids to how the money is to be handled, no decisions making without unity in prayer before the Lord, and so on and so on... the man is held responsible for the JOY in his family. A true leader must be able to serve before anyone will submit to follow him as the Lord thy God (alive from within) directs him to do so, Amen....