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15th October 2011, 12:54 AM
Handsome and talented Ghana actor Adjetey Anang popularly known as Pusher has been accused of raping a university student.

Even though Pusher is claiming innocence of the allegation leveled against him, the student insists "he did it" and that she will make sure he is behind bars.

“I was not a virgin before he raped me but it was very hurting because it is the biggest thing that has ever entered me,” the student said.

Did he do it? If he didn’t how will Pusher who was leaving his perfect life handle this serious allegation?

This is Adjetey Anang’s role as Professor Ken in a new movie titled “A Little Affair” Produced by AA Production. In this movie, Adjetey Anang played Prof Ken. As a young professor, young ladies on campus find solace in getting close to him because of his affable looks. Two of his students start getting funny ideas as they try getting close to him. They had fallen head over heels in love…

He regarded the sudden closeness as a lecturer-student relationship but to the ladies, it was students trying to woo their lecturer. This closeness forces his uncompromising and busy-girlfriend-always-running-errands for her dad to be jealous.

Eventually when the girlfriend traveled to South Africa to run errands for her dad, Dzifa played by Kafui K. Danku ceased the opportunity and offered to cook him a meal at his house. This is where the twists and turns in the movie starts.

Apparently, Dzifa had heard that, Prof. Ken was warming the bed of her step-mother played by Kalsum Sinare Baffoe. After failing to convince Adjetey why he should have sexual intercourse with her, Dzifa goes to file a report accusing Ken of raping her.

‘A Little Affair’ was directed by Kobi Rana.

Personally, I like the fact that, big producers are seeing his potential and tapping into it. He again brought his originality to bear on this movie. He might not be in the same league with the Kwaw Ansahs but the young man is steadily growing to a mature film maker.

The new movie will be premiered for the public and subsequently released on the market on a later date.

Watch the trailer below:


17th October 2011, 01:01 PM
Another fake reality based movie.
That is what producers are doing these days. Faking people claiming the stories are true.
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