View Full Version : Is the Scientific Method the only way to understand Reality?

Intellectual Pirate
15th September 2010, 05:23 AM
I ask this question because some people might regard Metaphysics or religion as yet a different approach to understanding Reality.

Should Religion be based on sound scientific principles?

Can Religion or spirituality open the doors to new facets of existence which science is slowly and methodically beginning to prove correct?

Perhaps, and this is my opinion, anything, no matter how weird or wonderful which helps us to understand more about this thing called life could be regarded as Scientific. I think anything which helps us to evolve is a science, whether that be poetry, dance, philosophy, biology, mechanics or yoga.

I'm sure, when humanity has passed it's initial birth pangs, we will see a unification of all the various branches of science and religion. Like a tree that needs pruning, many branches will no doubt fall by the wayside and others will begin to bud with a healthy flow of sap.

Probably in the far distant future this one tree of many branches will flower, and we will then have, a Science of Oneness in which all disciplines are in harmony with one another. The outer path of materialistic science with the inner path of metaphysics.

Perhaps these are both opposite ends of the same spectrum?