View Full Version : Are humans very unhealthy compared to others?

Intellectual Pirate
15th September 2010, 05:10 AM
It seems every human has ATLEAST one disease or affliction that is lifelong, most have more - some unlucky ones tonns of them. Also temporary diseases are hitting us left and right all the time throughout life.

Is it the same among insects and animals? Are we humans really as much sick as it seems?

12th October 2010, 07:33 AM
It seems like this quetion may not get a straightforward answer. Yes, some animals are indeed affected by a wide variety of pathogens, others too are not. In fact they just carry some of these disease causing organisms and are known as vectors. Some organisms like horses, vultures, flies, rodents etc carry so much pathogens that they are referred to as RESEVOIRE hosts, yet those pathogens may not affect them directly. Consider the protozoan parasite known as plasmodium which causes malaria. It is just carried by the female anopheles mosquito, yet it does not affect it in anyway. However, the plasmodium is a human specific parasite and will set it in chaos. Know also that micro-organisms have a tendency to evolve and attack new hosts, and humans seem to be privy to such attacks.. for ex the SARS virus and the prion mediated virus known to cause mad cow disease. That is reason to excercise caution to prevent the outbreak pf even new strains of bacteria and viruses that can change their host specificity and make us lunch meat!