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Quaiqu Ananse
11th October 2011, 12:13 PM
A business manager is the officer who deals with every activity of the business and makes sure that the business is stable. A business manager is the important person for the company who makes it easy to meet the monthly and annual targets. Hence they hold it key to the development of the company in the markets by implementing new business strategies. Most companies are looking forward to hire the business managers by paying huge remunerations which helps them to compete with other companies in the markets. One of the most important tasks that a business manager needs to face is managing the staff. It is a bit difficult task for business managers as some of the staff members are uncooperative and creates problems to the management.

A business manager needs to look after activities in different departments like production control, quality control, transport management, warehouse management, and administrative activities. Hence for this it requires lot of skills and abilities for the business manager to manage all these departments.

Duties and responsibilities of the business manager:

- Primary responsibility of the business manager is to supervising the monthly targets and should make the team to meet those targets for companyís development.
- Candidate must report all his work to the Chief Executive Officer of the company regarding the developments in the company.
- Applicant needs to take part in preparing the annual budget of the company and assist the financial officers regarding this matter.
- Aspirants needs to be very flexible about timings and should be able to work for extra time also.
- Contender needs to approve the expenses made towards the requirements of the office and must check whether they are appropriate or not.
- Candidate needs to maintain a good relation with all his or her fellow staff members and must coordinate with everyone when necessary.

Education and skills required to become business manager:

As business managers need to deal with lot of responsibilities in the company, most companies required highly qualified aspirants. Given below are the education and skills required by the contenders of business managerís job.

Bachelor degree in business management is required by the aspirants to get recruited by the company where they wanted to work.
When it comes to large scale business organizations, they require a master degree in the business management by the candidate.
Apart from qualification, candidates are required to pose extraordinary communication skills which are a must to deal the activities of the company with their clients.
Business managers also required to pose the business skills which will help the company to increase its market.

Pay scale for the business manager:

Candidates can expect high remuneration for the job of a business manager as they are highly paid employees in the organization.

Salary for the business manager with below one year experience will be around $30,000 to $40,000 per annum depending on the type of the company.
The median salary for the business manager who is have more than 5 years experience will range in between $ 50,000 to $ 75,000 per annum depending on the standards and type of the company.
The highest salary for the business manager who is having more than 10 years of experience will range in between $90,000 to $1,35,000 per annum as per the company standards.

Future scope of the business manager:
There is a great future for the best contenders of the business managerís job as most companies are trying hard to recruit the best candidates for this responsible job in the organization. Hence candidates can expect a great career in the future by obtaining highest pay scale.

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