View Full Version : Advice From Ghanaian Born Hollywood Star-Senyo Amoaku

10th October 2011, 02:45 PM
When GhanaCelebrities.Com interviewed Ghanaian born Hollywood star Senyo Amoaku, his top of the mountain movie-’Expendables’ which he starred alongside J. Statham, Jet Li, Stallone and others was at a promotional stage. Now the movie has been released and I bet most of us have watched it. ( If you have not watched it, it is on DVD now so you can grab a copy).

In our interview with him those days, he gave out some good tips to upcoming Actors and even those already in the industry. He pointed out Jackie Appiah as one hell of a good Actress he was tipping to see soon in a big action movie-shooting guns. (Your can read our full interview from here if you didn’t read it)

I came across a video interview today in which the Ghanaian super star makes a very interesting point that I think we should all hear especially our upcoming Actors and Actresses and those dreaming of Hollywood.

When he was asked what is the hardest thing he has had to accomplish, his answer was so true and on point-the purpose of this post.

He answered; the hardest thing I have had to accomplish was just not getting down if I did not get what I really thought is for me…If you really want this thing, you have to learn how to hear NO!

Are the various upcoming Actors and Actresses ready to hear No or will they go behind and pay whatever price just to hear Yes? What about our celebrities who are dreaming of hitting Hollywood? Are they ready to keep pushing even when all the NOs start coming in from left, right and center?

I respect this guy for his achievements but I respect him more for staying true to his dream and passion. It certainly takes more than a mere passion, talent and vision to get to Hollywood.

Watch The Short Interview Below (Courtesy Of Ed Magik TV)