View Full Version : 'No secret' to back-to-back titles - Vettel

9th October 2011, 08:55 PM

After becoming a double world champion at the Japanese Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel insisted there is no secret to Red Bull's success, just a very good team.

Vettel finished third at Suzuka to ensure he took his second title with four races remaining. After a dominant year for Red Bull, in which Vettel took 12 pole positions and nine victories, he gave full credit to his team.

"There is no secret, it's step-by-step," Vettel said. "I think in a way the hardest thing, after winning the title last year when it was so close and so exciting, was to go out and do it again, and even though you know how to do, it doesn't allow you to make all these little steps. I could not have got close to this alone, so I needed all the support I could get, from the team, from Mark [Webber] and from everyone outside the team working for me. It's as confusing as the first one I have to say. So it's hard to find the right words."

He said taking the title at Suzuka, the scene of several championship deciders down the years, was also very special.

"It's phenomenal, especially next to the strong result again today," he added. "To win the championship here is just fantastic. There are lots of things that you want to say but you can't remember all of them. I'm just so, so thankful to everyone in the team. We've got so many people here at the track, but also in Milton Keynes working day-in-day out every day, pushing hard to build those to cars to fight for the points and also fight for the championship. We find ourselves in a very, very strong position and it's great to achieve the results we set for ourselves going into this year already."

And he also acknowledged Red Bull's competition after its closest rivals McLaren and Ferrari finished ahead of him.

"Congratulations to Jenson and congratulations to Fernando," Vettel said. "I think we saw today that it was extremely tight, tighter than maybe sometimes it has looked this year. In the end we finished with the top four cars split by less than ten seconds. It's great to know that it is so tight and we can still come so strong out of it. Obviously they all know how to drive as well and are doing a fantastic job, but this year we've always been just this one step ahead."

Vettel gave special thanks to his personal trainer Tommi Parmakoski.

"There are so many people that it's hard to name them all, but I think one person that really stands out is the person I spend most of my time with in the year, my trainer Tommi Parmakoski," he added. "Also regards to his family, back in Finland they have a great son with a great heart, and he [Tommi] was the one not allowing me to lose the grip at any stage this year."