View Full Version : Buk Bak makes historic comeback at 2011 Skuuls Reunion

9th October 2011, 02:41 PM
They were the toast of late 90s and early 2000. They were that deadly duo whose style of rap and music was just unique and on point.

They broke the hearts of many when they parted ways especially at a time when they thrilled Ghana with popular tunes such as Kome Ke Kena, U 4 Know, Akwasi broni , Trotro and a host of others.

After going their separate ways for seven years, Prince Bright (Bling Sparkles) and Ronnie Coaches who make up the duo announced in August this year that they were coming back to continue from where they left off.

After that announcement in August, they finally made their first ever stage appearance at the 2011 edition Africa’s biggest outdoor event, the Joy FM Annual Skuuls Reunion Saturday at the Trade Fair Centre.

Looking fresh as always they charged the over 100,000 enthusiasts who thronged the venue thrilling them to their signature tunes during the packed evening jam.

It was the late 90s and early 2002 all over again as they took patrons through the genesis of the group, Kome Ke Kena, that shot them into instant fame.

With their iconic energies that they always exert on stage, Buk Bak started dishing out one hit after the other. It was exciting to see the crowd’s reaction when they unleashed popular songs such as Klu Blofo, Chingilingi, Kelewele, Akwasi Broni and U 4 Know.

As the excitement started trickling in an over dose rate, Ronnie joyously threw the mic to the crowd saying, “the songs are many,” requesting them to be their playlist.

Buk Bak’s performance was not only about the old school as they gave a tip of what fans should expect from the new Buk Bak as they performed Kolom off their yet to be released album.

After that first ever stage performance since their comeback, the sweet voice Prince Bright signed out by saying “Buk Bak we are back, love you all.”

Before going their separate ways, the duo released five albums namely, Kome Ke Kena, Nkomhye, Awinsem, Gold Coast 1662 and Gonja Barracks.

Saturday’s jam at the Skuuls Reunion was not only about Buk Bak as other renowned Ghanaian acts including, Praye, VIP, Stay Jay, Guru, Yaw Siki, 4x4, Kwaw Kese and Nana Boroo took turns to show off their skills.