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  1. 2012 Celestial Praiz to invoke God’s peace over 2012 elections
  2. Make-believe Christians don’t find favour with God
  3. I am Called God….I’ve Not Regretted Sleeping With My Pastors Wife – Bishop Obinim
  4. Silencing Our Soul And Having A Quiet Moment With God
  5. God Is Always In Control
  6. When A Nation Turns Its Back On God
  7. No Child Ever Leaves God’s Sight
  8. A Godly Response To Criticism
  9. s God Really Concerned About The Necessities Of Our Life?
  10. probably the funniest video ive ever seen,these old women paa.lol
  11. The Power Of God's Grace
  12. A. Shukla vs D. Chopra: The Great Yoga Debate!!
  13. Is he glorifying his God through dance or just needs psychiatric help?
  14. Greening The Desert
  15. Stroke of Insight - Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
  16. Churches in Abuja checking members for bombs now?
  17. Mills’ Death: God Is In Control – Duncan Williams
  18. Caption. A younger Mills
  19. Hidden Secrets...Prez Mills Was Sent To The Maternity Ward...
  20. Worship in churh saying too much?3hour ------...
  21. kwesiiiiiiiii eeeeeee ......... wo maame ni ..............
  22. Is the Bible Really Inspired of God?
  23. Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?
  24. Did God have a wife?
  25. Does God Ever Refuse to Hear Prayers?
  26. Five Bible Passages to Read When You’re Doubting God
  27. If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?
  28. Agyo Koo and his wife's problems in marriage (video)
  29. The truth behind piracy in somalia
  30. Baby reptilian alien found in the farms of Mexico
  31. A Black Ninja Attended Late President Mills Funeral
  32. Footage Of Michigan Police Shooting Homeless Man Over 30 Times!
  33. Abusing God's Patience
  34. GOD HATE YOU?..how?
  35. ah ah ah, wo y3 me taste
  36. Sexual Symbolism in Religion & ancient knowledge
  37. 2002 interview with Johnnie Cochran
  38. Dolores Cannon interview on past life hypnosis & more
  39. What has god done for you???
  40. Two Women Of God In Street Fight
  41. Things You Shouldn't Do If You Don't Have Green Card
  42. Ehi, putting deadbeat dad on blast!!
  43. Anas Aremeya Anas new Investigative Video- WILD GHANA PHOTOS
  44. Ghanaian Celebrities Draw Closer To God
  45. Man Falls from plane
  46. 'Bank robbers' throw money into the street during car chase
  47. Controversial Condom Commercial - NSFW
  48. 5 ‘God Soldiers’ Who Fell From Grace
  49. Azonto thread part 2
  50. Three confirmed dead in caved Kasoa public toilet
  51. We know the winner of this year's election - Bishop Salifu Amoako
  52. (Official Video)THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take
  53. Ghanafest (Pretoria South Africa)
  54. Baraka(video)
  55. BBC - The Human planet series
  56. Awkward Situations That Every Guy Has Experienced
  57. looooooooooool with auto tune hhehehee
  58. HBD Cutie
  59. Slow season on forum?
  60. Oh Ghana!! lmao!!!
  61. If God says you won’t be king, you’ll never be – Prez Mahama
  62. Why would someone say this without being asked anything?
  63. Concerns about black stars coach expressed by a fan, brofo brofo
  64. Superstition, pastors blamed - For derailing effort at reducing mental illness
  65. Guess whose Birthday it is today? :-)
  66. Re: Men Of God Against Owusu-Bempah Have All Received 4X4 Vehicles From Prez Mahama
  67. the kins domain movement.
  68. African parents.. lol
  69. I’m Still Praying To God To Grant Me The Man Of My Dreams – Actress
  70. Accra Mall bans sex in their toilet! haaba
  71. ???
  72. 9-Year-Old Philosopher Ponders the Meaning of Life and the Universe
  73. God Has Silenced Our Enemies
  74. Christian urged to look for signs of second coming of Christ
  75. Kanye West to name baby Khrist, says he is God!
  76. I’m Goddess Of Beauty – Deputy Minister
  77. I Want A God-Fearing Man To Marry – Actress
  78. God Will Punish Whoever Says Am Proud – Kwaku Manu
  79. Don't urinate here... Spot fine... SLAP!"
  80. Vatican City sex scandals thread
  81. Por.n site reveals downloading habits of Vatican City residents
  82. Bus preacher beaten to coma in Lagos after condoms fell out from his bible
  83. God saved Ghanaians from Akufo-Addo’s tyranny in 2012 – Akua Donkor
  84. Dead forum; Part 3
  85. Is it possible to change what God knows?
  86. What Is Wrong With A Man Of God Admonishing Us To Pray To Avert Calamity?
  87. You Must Be An Evangelist For God, Grounded In Integrity
  88. Is Jehovah an E.T. (Extraterrestrial)? By Dorothy Leon
  89. Killing In The Name Of God
  90. Why should a GOD be so insecure? Good debate between a Christian and a Hindu
  91. Let’s Seek God’s Face On National Challenges –Moderator
  92. Ayikoi Otoo may be seen as a tin god if… Nana Akomea
  93. God will deal with Arthur K, Nyaho and Tarzan - Otiko Djaba
  94. 10 Bizarre Sex World Records
  95. Man found sobbing in street after 36-hour sex ordeal with German nymphomaniac
  96. TITHING: Robbing and Stealing from God's People
  97. Kwarasey's Coach at Stromsgodset Signed Bt Celtics
  98. Eazzy Surrenders To God
  99. Tim Godfrey - Amen
  100. It Was Ungodly For Sonnie Badu To Dance To Adult Music – Owusu Bempah
  102. Losing God
  103. Is God black or white?
  104. Lyrics: Son of God ft Bisa Kdei ~ D-Black
  105. Ga gods Are “Stupid” – Ayitey Powers Charges
  106. Egyptian Mysteries Revealed