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  1. Black People Don't Read!
  2. Was Aids created to destroy the black race?
  3. Are Black women scaring off their men?
  4. Water Freezes When Heated (Newly Discovered Phenomena)
  5. Should women be allowed to do abortion?
  6. New World Cup Song featuring Samini
  7. Rumi, One of the greatest mystical poets that ever lived.
  8. Where was Jesus?
  9. New Member? Introduce yourself Here!
  10. Sartre: The Road to Freedom
  11. Philosophy – Guide to Happiness
  12. Is Christianity (Religion) making Ghanaians backward ?
  13. Carl Sagan - A world not made for us.
  14. Who are the Illuminati ?
  15. Scientist Predicts Human Extinction in 100 Years
  16. The Annunaki, Nibiru or Planet X, and 2012
  17. Sumerian Culture And The Anunnaki
  18. Nibiru
  19. Ancient Aliens
  20. Nibiru Documentary - Planet X Video
  21. Money, what is it ?
  22. World's Most Luxurious and on 7 Star Hotel
  23. Old Lady Broke Joke
  24. IRS Joke
  25. Words to Remember
  26. Erudite Concepts
  27. The Scientific Case Against Evolution
  28. Maturity or Age.....which matters in choosing a partner
  29. Do Black Men Still Desire Black Women
  30. Divorce........Is it right or Wrong
  31. Are religious people who deny evolution stupid?
  32. What is your IQ?
  33. What is the greatest invention?
  34. Political correctness is a joke
  35. Taxation is Legalized Theft
  36. That which cannot be proven is of little value
  37. Does the Bible condone slavery?
  38. Who are your favourite Jazz/Soul Artists?
  39. Are black men really intimidated if a woman makes more money?
  40. 3 Types of Friends
  41. Frenchwoman admits to killing 8 babies
  42. Why more and more people feel ‘mentally ill’
  43. A woman wakes up to find an intruder in her bed
  44. samba...hhehehe too cute
  45. baby samba
  46. Should you marry out of love or out of money?
  47. Is Christianity a anti-sexual religion?
  48. Is the world a better place without christians?
  49. If we could find some DNA from Jesus, should we clone him?
  50. abortion...ur thoughts pls
  51. evidence for Evolotion and Big Bang
  52. Heaven or Hell??
  53. Mr.Deity and the Trinity
  54. Trying to clarify my own thinking...The Bible
  55. Christian raised..A gnostic reborn
  56. the Bible/Jesus Myth
  57. Special songs I enjoy.....
  58. Geography hasnt been men's strongest subject ....Its been so since creation..looooool
  59. George Carlin~~~~~The American Dream
  60. Why date two ladies & tell one she is your "back-up plan"?
  61. Coro Gracias-The Chinese Choral Group
  62. Fortune Telling Without A Crystal Ball
  63. Who wants a discreet relationship?
  64. Encourage yourself.
  65. This is scary...dont watch if you got a weak heart
  66. How long can you hold yourself from laughing.....
  67. Hmmmm.....Mr. President.......
  68. Starchild Skull 2010 DNA Result. Alien?
  69. Did you know that...
  70. Why do relationships statrt on fire and then the fire ends up dying after a while
  71. What is your phobia?
  72. Is love enough?
  73. The Logical Argument from Evil, is it sound and valid?
  74. Did humans descend from other primates?
  75. Objections To Evolution
  76. Are you afraid of Death?
  77. Neitzche: Good=Power?
  78. Is Piracy an Issue ?
  79. Online Dating
  80. When do u know he or she is the right one
  81. One minute sermon! u gotta watch this...... Inspirational!!!!
  82. MacDonald's Worker Being Attacked By A Crazy Woman Over Nuggets
  83. Have a good laugh.......
  84. haha Fat girl Laughing
  85. Obama and Daughter Chilling
  86. A Fathers' Love... very touching!
  87. Religion is Bullshit Video
  88. Is intelligence overrated?
  89. For or against death penalty?
  90. Reincarnation explained
  91. Emoticon Petition
  92. Pregnancy..........A good reason for marriage?
  93. Is it rude to ask a women how old she is?
  94. Smart Student
  95. Medical Problem
  96. The most embarrassing moments ever!
  97. First Job. Funny!
  98. Radio Conversation
  99. Two blind pilots
  100. A Father Dead.. Online relationship scam
  101. Divorce in Christianity
  102. Found this online.. touching
  103. Introducing Objectivism.
  104. A comment found on facebook. About Nigerians..lol
  105. The Africa You never see on Tv
  106. What is wrong with some Ghanaian ladies?
  107. Do u seriously believe in global warming?
  108. GhanaTV may be watched now in America, Australia and Europe
  109. Embarrassing and funny worst first date story ever.
  110. Are we alone in the universe?
  111. Go on fat girl!
  112. Mr.Bean doing what he does best......lol
  113. Online dating rules to live by: It’s never personal
  114. The over/under on relationships
  115. The real-life consequences of online dating
  116. How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon
  117. How to Flirt: Flirting Tips Help You Show Interest
  118. Do Bad Guys Always Get the Girl?
  119. Mathematical proof for Intelligent Design
  120. Work the Green Card my brother!
  121. She is fit, Damn!
  122. Nice Obama Family pix
  123. A woman's prayer
  124. Anybody know this Ghana village?
  125. How to successfully flirt with women
  126. Is he interested only in sex?
  127. Do we really exist?
  128. Parallel Universes
  129. WIll We Ever Be a Galactic Civilization?
  130. American citizen, residence permit for Ghana
  131. How to keep a man once you've caught him
  132. On saying ... " I LOVE YOU"
  133. Tips for successful online dating
  134. Signs of a cheating partner!!!!!!!!!!
  135. The Problem with " RELATIONSHIPS"
  136. One-way love????????????????????lol
  137. How to seduce a lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. Meaning of love
  139. How Does One Cover Up a Successful Cheating Spree ?
  140. Please share. We All Need Each Other
  141. Terms to know
  142. tEst yoURselF
  143. Our Family Friend
  144. Dont Keep Secrets
  145. Crazy Facts You Need to Know
  146. Do I tell her
  147. Is this 21st century the best?
  148. When the Earth Stopped Spinning SCIENCE QUESTION
  149. Communication - Co-ordination of thought, word...
  150. The art of effective communication
  151. Competition vs. Excellence
  152. IQ - genetic or behavioral?
  153. Why do we speak to children and animals in a similar way?
  154. Memory, Reality, and Dreaming.
  155. IQ versus RQ (rationality)
  156. Is the Scientific Method the only way to understand Reality?
  157. The secret box
  158. En route
  159. wat r friends for....
  160. Burnt Biscuits
  161. Guarding Your Heart On-Line...
  162. Accepting Differences
  163. More on Accepting Differences
  164. Don't Forget to Laugh
  165. The Difference between Relationship and Friendship.
  166. What Haunts after a Break-Up?
  167. Open relationships
  168. Accomodating whilst Dating....
  169. Falling in love with you
  170. Should immigrants in essence forget where they are from?
  171. Can Religion and Science Co-Exist?
  172. What is the importance of music in your life?
  173. Which would you rather be a: a martyr or a hero and why?
  174. Are examinations killing education?
  175. Hospital sued for mistakenly circumcising baby
  176. Long distance relationship
  177. If you had 1 million to spend in 24 hours what would you do with it?
  178. Chinese P.I
  179. Lateral Thinking
  180. How To Stop Church Gossip
  181. Mom's empty chair
  182. The devoted wife
  183. What to do when you hate your job
  184. fix it
  185. the statue
  186. Becoming a Real Man
  187. How to impress a woman/man......lol
  188. Alcohol is not good for me..........
  189. Avoiding diseases.....old school way.....
  190. How smart are you?
  191. You know you are an African if........................
  192. Mothers Pride
  193. Burning of Indian hemp “smokes” Tarkwa residents out
  194. Cargo drink Adverts.. Very Funny
  195. Hey Baby!!
  196. World's Most Talented Man
  197. One of my Secondary School love letters. The Brightness of this day...
  198. Happy Birthday To You
  199. Bill Gates is richest person in America -- still
  200. Why i lost my job
  201. What are you ASKING Him?
  202. Top 15 Womens T-Shirts
  203. (Re:?) Women are like . . .
  204. Perfect Woman
  205. Sexist Shorts
  206. Modern Zen
  207. Know your Bible
  208. How things have changed In 21st Century !!
  209. Laws of the Natural Universe
  210. The Donkey
  211. Help Me Seduce Him,Please !
  212. QUESTIONS that demand answers
  213. i will pay you 10
  214. Looking for Love
  215. Many are Dated but One is married
  216. Women are good managers in crisis
  217. From the mouth of babes...
  218. Facts
  219. The Top Ten Dumbest Criminals
  220. Some mighty fine advice
  221. A Woman's Dictionary
  222. When Will Time End?
  223. Sycccccccccc
  224. Unnecessary Censorship
  225. Whose fault is it?
  226. One Interpretation of Free Will
  227. Reflections On Freewill
  228. Continuation of Consciousness after Death
  229. What is death really?
  230. Einstein Vs Kant
  231. Materialism and naturalism are false.
  232. Will we ever find out the origins of existence?
  233. The Gates of Conscience
  234. How does logic get its justification?
  235. Weird Questions
  236. How To Chat Someone Up On The Train, Bus Or Tube
  237. 10 Wonders of the World You Don’t Know
  238. Happy birthday enchantress
  239. Interesting Facts
  240. Meditate On this
  241. The Reading of Psalm 23
  242. My In-laws..........
  243. 3 shockingly bizarre things about Christopher Columbus
  244. Next Top Model. This guy beats Tyson Beckford and Djimon Honsou
  245. Same sexx Marriage: A Ghanaian Perspective
  246. I regret Cheating on my wife
  247. Application for Employment
  248. Just for laughs
  249. 10 famous Bermuda Triangle mysteries
  250. World's Longest Tunnel Completed