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  1. 666 Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013 ??
  2. Why does the bible not mention dinosaurs?
  3. Olympic Legend Claims Slave Genes Make For A Better Athlete!
  4. Should animals be used for scientific experimentation?
  5. Should we have a World Government
  6. Would you Rather be Blind or Deaf?
  7. Is there anything after life?
  8. Does religion cause war?
  9. Joke: Cut and Paste
  10. 'Free Night Calls' Is Spiritually Dangerous – Rev. Gabriel Ansah - Really Really?
  11. Why women cannot be leaders in the church of Jesus Christ (Part One)
  12. Why women cannot be leaders in the church of Jesus Christ (Part Two)
  13. Missionary or Mercenary?
  14. SUPER MoonWalking (original) - How does he do it?
  15. Best Dancing Grandma doing Usher - wow!
  16. DAMN SHAME! 6-Year-Old Florida Boy Stars In Sexually Explicit Booty-Shaking Video!
  17. The Biggest Surprise Ever
  18. Joke: The trail of three friends
  19. what kind of sleeper are you?
  20. Church Approves Same-Sex Relationships
  21. Spiritual Classics ln e-book
  22. This guy is funny as hell.. hahaha
  23. Joke: The confession of a lady
  24. Woman whose ----- each weigh more than a four-year-old child
  25. Can you read this?
  26. What do you get when you mix Senior Citizens and Hip Hop
  27. Interview dengan Robot
  28. Hu for love
  29. Joke: What wisdom is this?
  30. Joke:Everything in Gh. is big (PG 18+)
  31. Beautician sentenced to 200 lashes for providing women with make-up
  32. Three-year-old is the world's tiniest girl
  33. Restaurant employs a noodle-making robot
  34. Bible Vs Cellphone
  35. Man faces jail for spying on naked girls
  36. Joke: Types of gas
  37. Bank clerk dreaming of model career stole £46k to spend on beauty ops
  38. I Did Not Foresee Mills’ Death; He Was Suffering From Throat Cancer — TB Joshua
  39. 10 Books Not Included in the New Testament
  40. Do I have to love my parents?
  41. Thief asks for life in jail
  42. Woman hires men to kill husband for sex
  43. Prophet Demands Mills' Corpse; Claims He Can Bring Him Back To Life
  44. PHOTO: The Prophet Who Will Bring President Mills Back To Life!
  45. Defeating the Devil's Strategies
  46. President Mills’s Death: Biblical Meaning To Ghanaians
  47. Flood-fearing millionaire finishes ark
  48. Couple remarry - after 48 years
  49. Back from the dead after 23 years
  50. Poem of the day: No wreaths for me!
  51. Some Do’s and Don’ts in Ramadan
  52. Joke: At your age
  53. slaping be what..lololol
  54. Prophet T.B Joshua Arrives...For Mills' Funeral
  55. 600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs MMA Fighter
  56. Sex doll used as traffic light
  57. Soul Never Dies
  58. Ghana Is The Most Religious Nation On Earth
  59. Question of Death with Preparation
  60. DELIVERANCE & Confession of Ex Prostitute Who Sought After Power, She Brought Her Friends For
  61. Get ready to receive the 'Truth'
  62. Joke: Impossibilities in the word
  63. Amazing two-legged dog learns to walk again after fall
  64. Dutch Artist Who Turned His Dead Cat Into A Remote Helicopter
  65. Perseid Meteor Shower
  66. My best friend's wife's secret
  67. Debate This: Are You Obligated To Hang Out With Your Significant Others’ Friends?
  68. What is your Response to "I love you"
  69. Are black men really intimidated if a woman makes more money?
  70. Why date two ladies & tell one she is your "back-up plan"?
  71. Is it rude to ask a women how old she is?
  72. Help Me Seduce Him,Please !
  73. When do u know he or she is the right one
  74. Is love enough?
  75. The 13th Disciple
  76. Why House Helps Snatch Husbands
  77. Definition Of Psycho Voicemail
  78. Two of Ghana’s Celebrated Christian Leaders...Says Mills Is In Heaven
  79. Boy microwaves neighbour's cat
  80. trivia questions
  81. Jealous woman hit lover with rolling pin as Christmas present
  82. Damn! You gotta feel this guy. He knows his stuff.
  83. Who was the greatest leader in history?
  84. Bikini parade world record broken
  85. Joke of the Day
  86. Nigerian Facebook serial killers
  87. Best Cry Ever
  88. JOKE:♥ 10 Ways To Propose To A Lady
  89. Why Do We Dream?
  90. Video: Man rides world's smallest bike
  91. Hardest Millionaire Question[FUNNY]
  92. Creative ways to say “I love you”
  93. Couple in court for making noise during seven-hour sex
  94. Woman found ‘sleep-swimming’ in river
  95. 17 beheaded for dancing
  96. How Many Boyfriends Can A Nigerian Girl Have?
  97. Secrets Your Husband Or Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You To Know
  98. what will you do?
  99. Flat Tommy 'Jesus' on crucified On the way to 'Calvary',
  100. What Works For You?
  101. Catholic Church " 200 Year Behind Time"-Top Cardinal
  102. jokes
  103. Joke: Ssssshhhhhhh!!! I'm trying to lay eggs
  104. Joke: Boys will always be smarter
  105. How Do i Go About Apologizing
  106. Is there any nice way to do this?
  107. Tuutulapato the 7yr old fanti rapper-FUNNY VIDEO
  108. Church And The Sisters In G-String
  109. How Fit Are You
  110. I Want To Call Off My Wedding...
  111. Jesus Refers To Mary As ‘My Wife’ In Ancient Script, Scholar Says
  112. How depression can lead to an angry marriage
  113. Limerence: In love, obsessed, or both?
  114. Are domestic chores still strictly for women?
  115. Scintillating sexting, research reveals positives of such passion play
  116. Inspiration: The keeper of creation and the creator of all
  117. Should poor people be sterilised?
  118. Speed Reading
  119. Is It Acceptable To Answer A Call During Sex?
  120. Women more nostalgic than men about sexx with an ex
  121. 7 Phrases that will help you get over a breakup
  122. 10 Good questions to ask when getting to know someone
  123. Marry my gay girl and scoop £40million
  124. Would You Go On A Blind Date?-My Experience
  125. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word.
  126. Guy Pulls Down Womens Clothes Spankwire com
  127. How men enable their female partners to gain weight and ruin their sex lives
  128. How Past Lives Are Affecting You Today
  129. FOKN BOIS,Are They Good,Dumb or Misunderstood ?
  130. Bottom Power
  131. The affair warning sign you should never ignore
  132. Oh my dayum
  133. What do happy couples do?
  134. Great activities for couples
  135. White girls Azonto dance, Ayi - Criss Waddle
  136. Do you think that Christians are old fashioned about sex, why or why not?
  137. End Of World In A Couple Of Months?
  138. Nun Caught Stealing Beer, Four Loko (VIDEO)
  139. Bizarre sheep with an upside down head
  140. Online Degrees from EU universities!! Study abroad from home :) while gaining acess to scolarships from EU
  141. Heaven is Real
  142. Have you listened to your self-talk tately?
  143. Ghanaweb is slow and sucks now
  144. Pope Report ASAP
  145. Scam scam scam
  146. How to behave with your spouse in public after reconciliation
  147. what is you fav?
  148. Scientifically proven ways to become more attractive to men
  149. 7 people you should never sleep with
  150. Dangerous sexx positions you should avoid
  151. The 10 habits that keep marriages Strong
  152. Mother Names Twins "Barack Obama" and "Mitt Romney"
  153. Joke: Where is the bus going?
  154. Would You Recommend Your Job to Your Children?
  155. Funny video: How to steal a fur coat
  156. 8 ways to be your husband’s best friend …
  157. 10 ways to make a guy go crazy over you …
  158. Protection
  159. Global Spirit
  160. Merry Christmas
  161. just sharing!
  162. Why Ghana Is Not A Tourist Friendly Place To Visit?
  163. Focus On Zen Buddhism
  164. Would you date a guy/gal with a child(ren)?
  165. Azonto Modelling
  166. 5 Ways To Be A Better Listener
  167. 16 Aphrodisiac Foods That Put You In The Mood
  168. How do you make up after a terrible disagreement?
  169. Can long distance relationships work in Ghana?
  170. New theory on why men love breasts
  171. How long will polygamy last in Ghana?
  172. some reasons why men cheat on women
  173. Getting along with the in-laws
  174. Get through the first year of marriage
  175. Real reasons why men cheat on beautiful women
  176. How 30per Cent Of Office Romances Lead To Marriage
  177. Are you in a healthy relationship?
  178. Rappin' for Jesus
  179. Phone or personal courtship
  180. Forgiving an Affair
  181. 18 secrets guys wish you knew
  182. Difference between loving someone and being in love?
  183. The Perfect Partner
  184. Man reports date as burglar when girlfriend shows
  185. Women's Infidelity
  186. Stats on Cheating : Beware of cheats
  187. A beautiful love story
  188. A terrible break-up story
  189. 5 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself in a Relationship
  190. Abusive Men
  191. What married women really need
  192. 10 cruel things women do to men
  193. Kids, dont try this at home!
  194. what is wrong with this preacher?
  195. Men's Rules
  196. Patriotic Kyeiwaa singing the national anthem
  197. Are Men Attracted To Women Who Wear High Heels?
  198. Is the morning-after pill an abortion?
  199. Do you like showing affection in public?
  200. Let’s Get Talking: To What Extent Can You Brag About Your Woman
  201. Tattoos And Piercings In Ghanaian Society: Hot Or Not?
  202. What To Do When an Ex Comes Back?
  203. How important is Race/Nationality/Tribe in Marriage?
  204. What will you do if your spouse slaps your mother?
  205. Why do Christians refer to the Holy spirit as Holy Ghost?
  206. A Man Who Plays Second Fiddle In Marriage..
  207. Benefits Of Kissing
  208. The #1 Thing To Look For In A Mate
  209. Does Ghana have a love for Soca???
  210. Video: Juliet Ibrahim, comedian AY mock Kim Kardashian’s visit to Nigeria
  211. Father "Beats" Two Sons In Dance Competition (A Must Watch VIDEO)
  212. What's your opinion of Chinese Businessmen?
  213. Is this the best revenge/break-up letter ever?
  214. Hello
  215. 18 secrets guys wish you knew
  216. Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?
  217. If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?
  218. To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate?
  219. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture?
  220. Should people care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?
  221. What one piece of advice would you offer to a newborn infant?
  222. Where is the line between insanity and creativity?
  223. What is true happiness?
  224. What things hold you back from doing the things that you really want to?
  225. What makes you, you?
  226. What is the truth?
  227. What is reality?
  228. Why do people fear losing things that they do not even have yet?
  229. Who defines good and evil?
  230. Is a “wrong” act okay if nobody ever knows about it?
  231. Who decides what morality is?
  232. How do you know that your experience of consciousness is the same as other people’s experience of consciousness?
  233. What is true love?
  234. Is a family still relevant in the modern world?
  235. If money cannot buy happiness, can you ever be truly happy with no money?
  236. How do you know your perceptions are real?
  237. How much control do you have over your life?
  238. Isn’t one person’s terrorist another person’s freedom fighter?
  239. What happens after we die?
  240. Do we have a soul?
  241. Would You Marry Your Current Girlfriend?
  242. What defines you?
  243. What is intelligence?
  244. If lying is wrong, are white lies okay?
  245. Is trust more important than love?
  246. Do aliens exist?
  247. The structure of DNA appears to be intelligently designed, what are the implications?
  248. If everything evolved from amoebas, how does the world still have amoebas?
  249. Is life all a dream?
  250. When does consciousness begin?