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  1. Daylight savings?
  2. One Wife..Two Husbands ..sweettttttttttttt!!
  3. 'I could die if I cry': agony of a woman who is so allergic to water
  4. which one are you?lol
  5. Pitt Bulls:A great story of opposite nature about them!!
  6. Dad forces son to wear embarrassing sign
  7. Prank Phone Call - Dublin School Demolition
  8. World's tallest man stops growing at 8ft 3ins
  9. Joke:To all BBM educators
  10. 'Ugliest dog' in the world, Yoda, dies at 15
  11. Craziest Azonto Dancer
  12. Masturbation!!! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hits Back With Response
  13. 10 Simple Things Every Girl Wants
  14. Habits Of Happy Couples
  15. Video: Ghanaian Men Stink - USA Chick
  16. 15 Bizarre Biblical Quotes
  17. The cops are really on my back
  18. ‘Fat vow’ Susanne engaged to a chef
  19. boy got talent!!!
  20. Man buried alive by pinto beans
  21. Fanny face meets chinese man on GTV
  22. Cash spills at Circle
  23. One-armed pole-dancer wins tournament
  24. joke:This is a very serious and touching story. A MUST READ!!!
  25. Wanted!!wanted!!wanted!!
  26. 'I no longer want to be around him'
  27. Brave kids help their mother with dinner
  28. Lottery is not the solution
  29. Joke:Tiwa Savage dumps AY
  30. 8 Lies That Destroy Marriage
  31. Letter to My Future Wife: How Legon Ladies Dress
  32. Redefining the Vow?
  33. So afraid my love for him is fading away
  34. ghana harry potter
  35. some laws!
  36. Woman has an affair with Drum Kit
  37. Snake bites a woman's breast and dies
  38. BEST Lie detector
  39. Man changes name to Dairy Lea Dunkable
  40. Woman, 39, accused of breaking into house and raping man
  41. Dynamo walking on water
  42. what are the signs?
  43. The Best Things In Life Are Free
  44. Jesus Was A Black Man - Ron Baker Jr.
  45. Winners Chapel Pastor Starts Airline Business
  46. World's first stairlift for overweight dogs
  47. Boat from Japan tsunami washes up in Canada
  48. Man walks into station, confesses to killing wife
  49. VIDEO: Azonto In Belgium Schools
  50. Choking dog saves its own life by dialling 999
  51. Christian doctor 'sacked' for emailing a prayer to hospital colleagues
  52. Adebayor dey dance azonto! LMAO
  53. What an insult
  54. Man Impregnates Mother and Step-Sister
  55. Pastor Jailed For Fraud
  56. Son Marries His Mom
  57. Dance Revolution from back in time to now
  58. Will we ever... talk to the animals?
  59. Man saws off foot to avoid work
  60. Man sues church for ruining football career
  61. Woman addicted to growing toenails
  62. Student sues over roommate having too much sex
  63. Dead gran climbs out of coffin after six days
  64. Girl of five forced into marriage
  65. Boy, 13, Shoots Mom
  66. Prophet Onetouch acquitted and discharged
  67. Traditionalists Disappointed In Gov’t
  68. Slimming club for fat cats and dogs
  69. Boy, 14, arrested after filming 'pornographic video' with girl
  70. India couple 'reject' baby girl
  71. Hiplife: Tinny ; Cadburys- Zingolo
  72. Chinese communities mark tomb-sweeping festival
  73. Bride Takes BUS To Get To Church
  74. Girl, 10, gives birth to baby daughter
  75. Washington boy, 9, writes apology to girl he shot
  76. Flying car unveiled at motor show
  77. Convenience or True Love: Which Is Your Relationship Made of?
  78. Azonto Dance from Norway
  79. What kinda video is this? Sexing Islamic Girls?? Fokn Boys stupid!!!
  80. Pastor's Suggestion For Easter Celebration: Have Sex & Eat Chocolate
  81. Man survives after shooting nail into heart
  82. Airplane jet wash blows woman
  83. Real Love: Weird Signs Of A Good Relationship
  84. 7 More Lies All Women Tell Men
  85. 4 Dating Rules You Should Break
  86. Five reasons why relationships fail
  87. Kids Dance Azonto at Virtual Security Africa Easter party
  88. Burglar 'breastfed stranger's baby'
  89. Boy 13 drove school bus to safety after the driver collapsed
  90. Group Of Black Men Caught On Tape Beating And Stripping White Man
  91. Rev. Bans Azonto Dance ln Church
  92. The Right Cologne For Every Occasion
  93. The Latest Stats On Cheating & Men's Favorite Sex Positions
  94. What Your Break-Up Technique Says About You
  95. Aries Spears on African Men
  96. Prophets Of Doom
  97. Sulley Muntari gives his shirt to a Chievo ball boy, ball boy tries to give it back..
  98. Joke: Fake ghost
  99. Boat full of marijuana washes up on palm beach
  100. Kindergarten boy takes heroin to school
  101. Mother finds 'stillborn' baby alive in morgue after 12 hours
  102. Pastor Caught Sleeping with Dad's Wife
  103. I am Single please HELP!!!!!
  104. 'Gay cure' bus adverts is banned
  105. You wont stop Laughing
  106. Ghanaian Football Stars 'Massacre' English Language In Interviews
  107. Ninja Baby
  108. Baby killed because it was a girl
  109. Bride-to-be killed herself after she cheated on her fiancé at a wedding
  110. Fake doctor, 77, jailed for sexual assault
  111. Can a man and a woman be "just friends"?
  112. Are Homophobic people actually gay?
  113. Compatibility: The secret ingredient to a happy relationship?
  114. Should you follow your heart in love?
  115. Granny 'Drug Kingpin' Busted in Oklahoma
  116. I'm Gay after Stroke
  117. I'm tired of sex!!! 999 Help Me
  118. Pastor Chris Okays Alchohol And Smoking
  119. Good Ways to Lie to Your Boss
  120. meet world's fastest man on four legs!
  121. Ask me about hu
  122. 7 Things You Should Be Comfortable Doing In Front Of Your Man
  123. Can You Turn a Blind Eye to Cheating?
  124. Staying Healthy And Strong
  125. 3 Ways ‘Love’ Benefits Your Health
  126. Is this TB Joshua Pastor for real or a fake?
  127. 15 Things Men Really Wish We Knew
  128. White Killer Whale Adult Spotted For First Time In Wild
  129. Angry boy, 4, shoots father dead after he refused to buy him a PLAYSTATION
  130. Man Beats Micky D’s Manager With Bat For Waiting Too Long [VIDEO]
  131. Ancient Viruses Thrive In Our DNA
  132. The 7 Reasons Men Lie, According To A Man Who Doesn’t (Maybe)
  133. 21 Questions to Ask a Guy - Fun Relationship Questions to Get to Know Someone
  134. I'm in a sexless marriage for the sake of my children. Should I pursue an affair?
  135. How can I admit to being an adulterer, which is what I am?
  136. Is he having an affair?
  137. Should I continue my affair?
  138. Faith: Pregnant with heaven
  139. 5 ways to prevent facebook drama during a breakup
  140. Reasons why long-distance relationships just don't work
  141. Why do we fall in love?
  142. How to rebuild trust after infidelity
  143. When I stopped loving him, I was ready to marry him
  144. Five intuitions about love and sex you shouldn’t ignore
  145. Why do women fall for serial killers?
  146. Marriage in the 21st Century Ghana: Opulence versus Moderation
  147. How Can Sin Exist?
  149. Oldest Human Blood Cells Found in Prehistoric Caveman
  150. Arguments You Can Easily Avoid In Any Relationship
  151. How To Keep A Girlfriend Once You Have One
  152. A Walk With Jesus Christ
  153. How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship
  154. Ways To Compliment A Woman’s Body And Not Sound Like A Creep
  155. Things Science Says Women Love
  156. Pastor rush to reverse curses-At Asantehene’s Chief Priest’s palace
  157. Joke: Dog burial service
  158. Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Women
  159. Terrible Topics Of Conversation For A First Date
  160. Great relationship without full disclosure of partner's past? Like this post? Yes | No
  161. Top 10: Worst reasons to marry her
  162. Do women drive romantic relationships?
  163. TB Joshua Made No Prophecy About Chelsea In The UEFA Champions League!!!
  164. Phrases To Never Tell A Crying Woman
  165. Cameroon’s Govt Blacklists TB Joshua, Calls Him Son Of The Devil
  166. Joke: Who dey smart pass her?
  167. Is Religion A Force For Good In The World?
  168. VIDEO: T.B. Joshua 'Predicted' The Russian Plane Crash
  169. let's talk!!!
  170. One-Year-Old Child Bride Annulls Marriage After Seventeen Years
  171. 5 Reasons Why I Hate Dating Christians
  172. what do u think?
  173. Suicide: According to Christianity, do people who commit suicide go to Heaven or Hell?
  174. What are the top ten verses in Holy Bible that would enlighten a non-Christian?
  175. Memory: Five examples to help you understand your brain
  176. Teacher could lose job after students wear dog cone
  177. 'Dead' man wakes up in coffin
  178. Catch fun with this Nija mentality (Add urs)
  179. wicked music industry
  180. Privacy is lacking in this Tokyo glass home
  181. Man detained for swallowing $20,000 diamond'
  182. Woman faces jail for having sex in a taxi
  183. Times It’s Ok To Choose Your Girlfriend Over Friends
  184. How To Tell If A Girl Likes You For You Or Just Your Money
  185. Mango with 'human face' causes fear and panic. Seriously? Oh Ghana!
  186. Man with record-breaking 14-foot mustache has some grooming tips
  187. The man who ate his own brain
  188. Girl, 16, kills herself after becoming convinced the world was about to end
  189. 3 Ways To Get Your Relationship Back On Track
  190. 9 Compliments Men Crave
  191. 4 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Fresh
  192. How To Strip For Your Husband
  193. Ways Facebook Ruins Your Relationship
  194. Problems in Love Relationships
  195. The Ways We Fight
  196. Things Men Think But Rarely Say To Women
  197. Simple Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work
  198. Man Impregnates Own Sister...Wants To Marry Her
  199. How To Date Your Husband All Over Again
  200. Its Q'lypse Birthday
  201. Watch Video: Fired for being too busty and too hot, woman claims
  202. When Your Husband Has Given Up
  203. The Impact Of Prayer
  204. When A Christian Stumbles
  205. Woman fined £650 for whistling
  206. Good samaritan charged with littering
  207. Chef serves his own genitals for 100,000 yen
  208. The More Vulnerable You Look, The More Men Find You Attractive
  209. The Rules: Do's and Don'ts of online dating
  210. Endorphment: Why some breakups are much harder than others
  211. Salts harvested from human tears
  212. Worldwide weird: Sleep tight on a former Soviet ship
  213. Live fish removed from boy's lung
  214. The mysteries of implausible relationships
  215. Rattlesnake Kills Pentecostal Pastor
  216. Astrologists Predict Prez Barack Obama Will Win The 2012 Election
  217. for real?
  218. VIDEO: T.B. Joshua Predicted The Plane Crash
  219. A maths student love letter
  220. Girl 3, found with hand gun
  221. Inspiration: Life is a simple reflection of our actions
  222. My Darling, Can You Lend Me Two Hundred Pounds?
  223. Students develop a banana piano
  224. Tricking
  225. Fake ghanaian pastor (lmaoo)
  226. Invest Your Time—Don’t Just Spend It
  227. Things That Cannot Be Shaken
  228. ‘Stop Paying Tithes’
  229. Joke: What is a Period?
  230. Wolves maul woman to death at zoo in Sweden
  231. Man jailed for killing a cat
  232. Politicians want men to pee sitting down
  233. Joke: Everywhere you go
  234. A cat addicted to iPad
  235. Man face jail for pulling veil off Muslim woman
  236. Joke: Tie me with the Nigerian on my back
  237. Father beheads daughter in horrific sword attack
  238. Woman banned from US jet for showing too much cleavage
  239. Joke: The mad man and the thief
  240. TB Joshua In Trouble Over Ex-Malawian President’s Death
  241. Joke: Share this!
  242. Joke: Ways to know if she is Miss Right (PG 18+)
  243. Body of Christ Now Body Of Crises
  244. The origin of morality
  245. Joke: What is the difference between Love and Death?
  246. A dog and a baby’s touching story
  247. Aba:Abrewanana Osuani(10)
  248. joke
  249. Woman gets super glued to Walmart toilet
  250. joke