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  1. ...Of Christmas & New Year Resolutions
  2. 7 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Date
  3. 7 Types Of Women Every Man Should Date
  4. 14 Great Questions To Ask The One You Love
  5. EL - Obuu Mo (Official Azonto Video)
  6. Two words men should avoid with women
  7. Documentary "Countdown to Armageddon" - Full length
  8. ‎9 Things you hear people say that really.....!!!!
  9. Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps
  10. 14 Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy
  11. Try Marriage For Two Years Before Actually Marrying: New Bill
  12. Women Are Inherently Wired to Stab Each Other in the Back
  13. speak your mind!
  14. Video: The toilet of tomorrow?
  15. The rules for dating your friend’s ex
  16. GhettoSiri Iphone---funny
  17. 2012 Apocalypse Fears Unfounded, NASA Says
  18. The Grail and the canine conundrum
  19. African Pickup Lines
  20. Ghanaian Guys Sucking Breastt In Public ..lol
  21. 6 Steps for dealing with a cheating spouse
  22. camouflaged Animals
  23. Teen dating: A guide for parents
  24. Why is water wet???
  25. Religion and repression around the world
  26. Bronya Akyedie (Christmas Gift)
  27. More Young Ladies Exchanging --- For Jobs
  28. PHOTO: Cat Refuses To Leave Owners Breasst
  29. PHOTO: Aki & Pawpaw Doing The Azonto Dance
  30. I must be a terrible person
  31. Charity sexx vs. Pity sexx
  32. What to get your guy: The right gift for every relationship stage
  33. Obedience classes for cats
  34. Man swallows nail - three times
  35. Thief caught with 860 pair of women's underwares
  36. South African Woman Arrested For Hiding Cocaine In her Dread Locks
  37. Tips For Soul Travel
  38. Slapsgiving by "Bishop"
  39. Aim carefully with $130,000 crystal toilet
  40. We love lovers of The Brew
  41. Christmas tree thief arrested
  42. seriously!!!!
  43. Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Is your man a frequent liar?
  45. Making Your Man Shower You With More Love & Affection
  46. swagonpoint!!!
  47. Men In Their 40s Are Sexiest,...
  48. Bishop David Oyedepo brags about slapping female member of church
  49. man cuts 21yr old wife's fingers off
  50. FedEx driver caught tossing flat screen computer monitor over gate
  51. Eating human flesh!
  52. Types Of Flirting That Men Love
  53. what should i do?
  54. woman give birth to a two-headed baby boy
  55. If a man wants you
  56. 5 Things Nigerian Men Find Unattractive In Women
  57. New Species of Cockroach Discovered In South Africa-PHOTO
  58. Video: Old Ladies Doing The Azonto Dance
  59. Wayoosi Mocks Kwaku Manu Over Wife's Death
  60. Hausa Igbo Yoruba interview!!lolol
  61. I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present
  62. Internet infidelity: Is it time to snoop?
  63. (VIDEO) Little Girl Rails Against Gender Stereotypes
  64. Obroni catch azonto fever!!!lol
  65. 10 signs you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship
  66. 99-Year-Old Man Divorces Wife After Discovering she had An Affair SIXTY Years Ag
  67. Why Are Many Ghanaians In The Diaspora?
  68. How Long Did You Date Before Getting Engaged?
  69. 5 Nigerian scammers nabbed in Malaysia
  70. 15 Year Old Afghan Tortured by her Family for Refusing Prostitution
  71. How to break up with a woman
  72. One Of The Best Father / Daughter Wedding Dance Ever!
  73. Long distance relationship love tips
  74. Texting tips for couples
  75. girl with funny dancing eyebrow
  76. Jehovah's Witnesses blood transfusion confusion
  77. Christianity: The Mask of Hideous Crimes in the World
  78. When a man loves a woman
  79. Fifty ideas to inspire your husband
  80. How To Beat The Fuel Subsidy Removal
  81. British Girl Kills Herself Because Her Boyfriend Canceled Cinema Date
  82. Man infects 3,000 women AND men with HIV.
  83. What women really want from men
  84. Do men want skinny women?
  85. Would you have married ur love? Knowing he/she has just weeks to live
  86. Six mistakes men make in marriage
  87. Guys, how to make a good first impression
  88. Important Lessons From Bill Gates
  89. Azonto Metamorphosis Into "Chriszonto"
  90. Kenyan Man Beat Up His Wife Because She Caught Him Cheating [Video]
  91. Satan's Spokeperson: Oprah Winfrey ???
  92. Can Free Will co-exist with Predestination?
  93. What Men Keep To Themselves
  94. congratulations to jay z and Beyonce
  95. How to propose
  96. Jaw-Dropping Time-Lapse Video of 30-Story Hotel Built in 360 Hours
  97. PHOTO: A Must See Wedding Dress
  98. Ten questions every husband should ask his wife annually
  99. AME Zion Church Pastors call for peaceful election
  100. My man wants me to sign a twice a week sexx contract before we marry
  101. Secrets of sexx therapy
  102. Breaking up!!
  103. What do you think?
  104. Blessings!!
  105. Help him o!
  106. Is he still into his ex?
  107. Compassionate thief returns stolen car
  108. Romance in a busy marriage
  109. What is it like to be asexual?
  110. Who should be taller - The Man or the Woman
  111. Missing everyone
  112. Helping your marriage thrive after a new baby
  113. School In Nigeria Named After Facebook
  114. PHOTO: How Babies Will Be Born In The Future (Just For Laughs)
  115. He said: “My relationship has to have ____”
  116. She said: “My relationship has to have ____”
  117. your thoughts!!
  118. Unbelievable Landings - A MUST SEE!
  119. The mathematics of infinity
  120. The man who married his girlfriend at her funerall
  121. PHOTO: When J.J Wed Konadu Agyeman
  122. Falling asleep after sexx is a good thing
  123. Sexx after divorce: Does it get better?
  124. Rebuild Your Life After Divorce
  125. How to Save Your Marriage Without Marriage Counseling
  126. Solar storm: Strongest geomagnetic storm in six years to hit earth
  127. Eye-rolling is a strong predictor of divorce
  128. NYC School Misspelling Causes Red Faces, Pointed Fingers
  129. Teacher arrested for getting pregnant for schoolboy
  130. Cobb mother charged with cruelty after getting son tattooed
  131. The grandma who's a mum again at 53.
  132. Men reveal their top kissing tips
  133. Lying, drug-taking, speeding and having an affair
  134. Six no-no's for relating to your woman
  135. Relationship Boredom
  136. Stepmothers can be MORE loving than a real mum
  137. Is it ever right to intervene when another parent has lost control?
  138. Men, frequently thank your spouse….
  139. wrong number?
  140. Meditation To Be lntroduced ln Ghana School
  141. The world's biggest family:
  142. Things Ghanaian men can’t stand about Ghanaian women
  143. Why Men Are Almost Always The First To Say 'I love You'
  144. what will you do?
  145. mama Zimbi
  146. Dating and the challenge of too many choices
  147. Students study Beyonce for a diploma
  148. Iinteresting’ marriage policy
  149. Bad dating advice: 12 maddening tips you should ignore
  150. Riddles! Riddles!!riddles! Riddles!!riddles! Riddles!!riddles! Riddles!!
  151. Phone swap
  152. Bride price wahala
  153. Six no-no's for relating to your man
  154. Study finds selflessness is a dating turn-on
  155. HU Can Create A Miracle ln Your Life
  156. Jesus Introduction (Steve Harvey)
  157. Would You Throw Punches To Keep Your Partner?
  158. Wo "PLAISE" the Lord Mponi
  159. you are a thief thief!!!...rotfl
  160. Men Behave Better Around Attractive Women - Study
  161. What's your attention span?
  162. Things not to do at the end of a relationship.
  163. Father's of Newborns get Depressed Too, for real
  164. Differences Between Men and Women
  165. This idiot reports his date
  166. What is your take on polygamy?
  167. A beautiful love story
  168. Being left by someone you love
  169. True Story: What would you have done? - Esther
  170. Monkeys fed wine 'to fight flu'
  171. Online dating now one of most common ways to start a relationship...
  172. Struggling with sexx when you're overweight
  173. For the ladies: High heels that can help you lose weight
  174. Can he say the 'L' word?
  175. ‘King’ Eddie Long Apologizes To Jewish Community
  176. Model Has Natural 20-inch Waist
  177. A Ghanaian-centric Clarification of the Marriage Ceremony
  178. Atheist Faces Jail ln lndonesia
  179. Hitler reacts to Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy Removal
  180. Identical twins are uniquely different
  181. Zoo to 'marry' sheep and deer on Valentine’s Day
  182. Asamoah Gyan - African Girls Remix(Penalty)
  183. 10 signs you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship
  184. How To Maintain Romance
  185. Questions about GV
  186. Asamoah Gyan Renders Apology For PK mishap
  187. Glamorous Wedding Not The Source Of Happy Marriage
  188. The bare facts of kissing:
  189. The italian tomato garden story - Joke
  190. video-Kids learning from adults
  191. Did We Get It Wrong With The Dowry?
  192. Man hanged himself after suffering years of toothache
  193. Gay priests hire assassins to shoot them dead after discovering one had AIDS
  194. Woman pulls two jeeps with her hair
  195. Marines drink Cobra blood in survival training
  196. Should parents have a say in our choice of life partners?
  197. Can you marry someone you don’t LOVE?
  198. Do we need religion to have ethics? Is it possible that a world without religion can be, on the whole, a better place to live?
  199. What will you do?
  200. When Was The Last Time You Cried?
  201. I want to marry my mother" – Zimbabwean man
  202. What should we call this?
  203. what the world think of africa!
  204. Jamaican Man Says He Was The Last To Talk To Whitney Houston
  205. Man balances 23 benches on his teeth
  206. Man survives two months in snow drift
  207. Man gets life for killing underage girlfriend
  208. VIDEO: Finnish President’s Husband Caught Starring At Princess Mary's Boobz
  209. VIDEO: A 90-Year-Old Gradmother Dances For Whitney Houston
  210. 300 million naira car used as a cab in Dubai (picture)
  211. Blind man is top cricket commentator
  212. A Bride at 100
  213. PHOTO: New Ghana Cedi Note In Town?
  214. 'Singles’ Mingle' fever grips Accra
  215. Pastor Brings Different Faiths Together To Save Our Kids
  216. How far should I go for love?
  217. 8 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men
  218. Dating: Women love mystery men
  219. Want the secret to a happy marriage? Don't have seXx before the wedding
  220. Need advice!!! Is she cheating???? AGAIN??? BY philip
  221. Why do men lose interest in their wives?
  222. Psychologists highlight pitfalls of online dating
  223. Why love is good for your health
  224. Xclusive new music videos
  225. 9 Secrets To A Long Marriage
  226. 7 Tips To Finding The Right Guy
  227. The Vanities Of Life
  228. Pope Tells Infertile Couple To Shun 'Arrogant' IVF Treatment ...
  229. How To Win A Woman’s Love
  230. 5 Tips For An Amazing Relationship
  231. The best age to get married
  232. This is what i call swagger
  233. Slaughterhouse democracy
  234. Heartless theives pick lovers' padlocks in Germany
  235. Man in India marries dog as atonement
  236. Scientists: True love can last a lifetime
  237. Falling in love is 'more scientific than you think,' Study
  238. VIDEO: Pastor Chris Okays Masturbationn
  239. interesting thoughts
  240. 9JA Minister of State Foreign Affairs Disgraced
  241. WTF! Korean K-Pop Artists Perform In Blackface [VIDEO]
  242. 'Dead' woman climbs out of coffin
  243. Woman falls in love with Statue of Liberty
  244. Letter to My Future Wife: Don’t Talk About Your Ex
  245. The bizarre shoes made from dead animals
  246. Cops Get Owned!!! - Epic Pee Prank, haha
  247. Joke: Majid and AY fight over Nadia and Genevieve
  248. Joke: The governor's daughter
  249. Joke: Relationship trends (boyz only)
  250. fake or real?