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  1. What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
  2. :playful: Crazy Thoughts
  3. Which do you prefer.....
  4. His Goal was to grab a 1000
  5. Real talk for men!
  6. Hey all...!!!
  7. Absolutely Madness
  8. the power of kiss
  9. who will you believe?
  10. 50/50
  11. Women's Submission Vs Men's Love
  12. settle an argument!!!!
  13. pls help me solve wai
  14. dare!!!!!!!!!
  15. was he right?
  16. The Greatest Speech Ever Made - Charlie Chaplin
  17. what shd i do
  18. jokes for the soul
  19. tit bit
  20. Criminal Acts
  21. riddle riddel!!!!!!!!!!
  22. top ten Qs
  23. Jiving with Madiba
  24. What are you Grateful for Today?
  25. Would You?
  26. prisedent's wife grammer
  27. sleeping with my husband to be sister
  28. Jealousy, Bad or Good for ur relationship
  29. Every woman is an Asset, how true is it?
  30. Encouraging Everyone To Enjoy Flying
  31. She was raped right in my presence.
  32. SHOCKER Pastor Extorts N50,000 From Hawker
  33. Video: Is This Lady Right Or Wrong?
  34. Left to die
  35. How to deal with loneliness
  36. Mistakes That Push a Man Out of Love
  37. 12 Attributes Of A Good Man
  38. How to deal with family backstabbers at home
  39. How to deal with manipulative stepchildren
  40. Things about having kids no one tells you
  41. How to fix a dying relationship
  42. What Men want in a Woman
  43. Equipment for cooking!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. our journey through the Bible
  45. The Funniest Impossibilities
  46. Your greatest Fear
  47. WHAT was/is your CHILDHOOD FANTASY?
  48. Word-A-Holic
  49. Type ur name 4rm behind
  50. ahhhhh!!!!!!!
  51. Where were you?
  52. Killer spared from death hours before execution
  53. The best divorce letter ever!
  54. Female geography
  55. your milk is not free
  56. Ladies, what you should never say to your Hubby
  57. how to give a romantical massage
  58. The 5 most deadly relationship questions
  59. How to be a confident woman after a breakup
  60. How to get your boyfriend to notice you
  61. How to get rid of a manipulative boyfriend
  62. Random weird silly thought
  63. Long distance
  64. dumb mistakes men make with women
  65. Mistakes women make in bed
  66. How to Hold Hands
  67. Never say 'I LOVE YOU' too early
  68. Loving from a distance.
  69. My brother in law is my baby's daddy
  70. What men spend their money on
  71. mama's boy
  72. dating out of your league- does it work?
  73. The Caustic Tongue.
  74. What Will Bother & Hurt You More?
  75. Can You Love 2 people at the same time?
  76. describe ur partner!!!!!!!!
  77. favorite subjects in school
  78. name meanings
  79. Lessons from relationships
  80. are you ready?
  81. Look at this picture
  82. ‘Jesus Christ Was Born In October’
  83. 10 Ways To Catch Cheating A Husband
  84. Prophet Insists November Is End Of The World
  85. factors that can lead to cracksin marriages
  86. The Seven Most Important Men in a Woman's Life
  87. October 21, end of the world?
  88. A Pitfall you must avoid
  89. There is no one-size-fits-all formula
  90. Question?
  91. Cultivate Optimism in Your Life
  92. Share your Food for Thoughts:
  93. 21 things to remember!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. All you need is love
  95. The Passion test
  96. Love + Lust
  97. How to tell if a Woman is interested in you(MAN)
  98. Why I Love Him So Much
  99. What do u Think hurts most in life?
  100. Ghana’s Richest Pastors
  101. How Pastors Get Rich
  102. Pls, advice her
  103. How to please your man without sex
  104. UK To Cut Aid To Ghana For Persecuting Gays
  105. How smart is your right foot?
  106. When a GIRL is
  107. funny quotes
  108. Clever Logic
  109. If ladies were banks
  110. Never Argue with a Woman
  111. Daughters Of Eve
  112. what do you do
  113. The Question About Marriage Nobody Is Asking
  114. Women On The Pill Go For Unsexy Men
  115. Haters
  116. How do you handle your undercover haters?
  117. Already Taken
  118. For Men!!
  119. New employment rules
  120. Jeff in dilemma
  121. The business of Child Sacrifice
  122. Is the alcohol message all wrong?
  123. Ways to be Romatic for your Man
  124. Busted! 3 Stupid Cheating Mistakes
  125. Her Boyfriend BeatsThe Hell Out Of Her
  126. Things NOT To Do When You're A Wedding Guest
  127. WOW KFC in GHANA
  128. How Do You Handle Falling In Love With A Friend?
  129. Falling inLov with a Married Man
  130. Some Rules To Love
  131. Santa answer medical terminology..
  132. Qs?
  133. Taste woman's puss*(video)
  134. Man Explains Men to Women
  135. Difference Between Love, Lust and Marriage
  136. For the Men: 9 Words Women Use
  137. The Ten Commandments of Relationships
  138. when communication end up in an Argument
  139. Sequel to when communication end up in an Argument
  140. How to give your Man a LAP DANCE
  141. Three die after church HIV cure claims
  142. Finally Met the One
  143. What You Can Do To Make a Girlfriend Less Jealous
  144. How Do You Handle a Jealous Girlfriend?
  145. How to fix a dying relationship
  146. Important lessons to learn before settling down
  147. A Little Morning Marriage Humor:
  148. Why is it so?
  149. Best romantic/love song ever
  150. Thumbs up Campaigning for your (Quality) votes
  151. How to deal with the dreaded ex run-in
  152. What do you guys think?
  153. I love my husband's friend...need your advice
  154. Relationship Contract
  155. Most Common Excuses For Dumping Someone
  156. What Your "Drink" Says About You
  157. 20 Questions We Wish We Could Ask On A First Date
  158. Akan and other African links with Ancient Kemet, Mesopotamia, Lemuria, Sirius etc
  159. Why will my fiancée cheat when she has tattooed my name on her arm? .
  160. Three Vital Ways to Make Your Marriage Last
  161. Kiss TroubleShooting Guide
  162. Stop taking each other for granted
  163. Getting married because a baby is on the way
  164. Seven ways to win him over
  165. How to cope when your friend finds love
  166. Is 160 enough? One Indian man's family
  167. Video-Meow!!
  168. Mmoasem kwaa...lol
  169. Surprising Europe - Hopes and Dreams
  170. its my pressure oh sorry my pleasure...lol
  171. How Far Is Too Far? Man Takes Revenge Mission On His Wedding Day
  172. Four Top Parenting Traps You Don’t Want to Fall Into
  173. Is He Good Enough To Date?
  174. Try Dating Shorter Men
  175. Marriage taboo: Why Zimbabwean won't wed in November
  176. Those Of Us Who Dont Remember The National Anthem and Pledge
  177. Should You Sleep With Him?
  178. Is Harold Camping quitting the prediction business?
  179. Bonding With Your Boyfriend's Parents
  180. Men are notorious for clamming up
  181. Is Passion on Your Plate?
  182. Atheist professor vs. A christian student
  183. I Want To Cheat On My Wife
  184. What Do You think abt this?
  185. Video: Canadian sports anchor wins $2.5 million lottery on live TV
  186. Mr Ibu now Mrs Ibu
  187. Love Happy: Be more giving with your guy
  188. this guy was suppose to be working
  189. PHOTO: Only In Africa
  190. Pictures:the oldies!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
  191. Church Promises Free Alcohol, Cigarettes, Funky Music
  192. A Life of Obedience
  193. Salah (Laugh it off)
  194. Solve Conflicts in Relationships
  195. test
  196. What kind of lover are you?
  197. Dealing With A Troubled Relationship
  198. PHOTO: The Kiss
  199. Top 4 relationship milestones
  200. What Matters in the End!?
  201. Understanding Women's Mind Games
  202. A Ghanaian Pastor ‘Sodomizes’ A 14 Year Old Boy In Eastern Region
  203. Whats in a Number?
  204. Are Men Predisposed to Cheat?
  205. Do the Amanda!!!!
  206. hilarious man
  207. Who's Line Is It Anyway?
  208. Why all this wasted talent
  209. What makes a man respect a woman?
  210. Should you have sexx even if you don't feel like it?
  211. Homes with Unbelievable Garages
  212. What men really want to hear from you
  213. Five things men hate to hear...
  214. What women really want to hear from you
  215. Five things she’d hate to hear...
  216. I Know I Paid This Light Bill
  217. Look hard and tell me what u see
  218. Love talk
  219. Some things Girls Don't Realize About Boys
  220. Ten things you should know and consider before you relocate to Ghana
  221. To those who want to break up and to those who have already break up
  222. come take a jolly ride with me!!!!!!
  223. Should You Invite an Ex to Your Wedding?
  224. Four bad marriage habits
  225. 8 Texting Mistakes Men Make
  226. i will wait for you
  227. What Do You Love So Much About Your Partner’s Body?
  228. 10 things that make you a keeper
  229. 5 Signs You're Headed for a Breakup
  230. 6 Very Attractive Things You're Already Doing
  231. My Husband Is Sleeping With My Cousin, How Do I Handle This? Alice
  232. Would You Do A DNA Testing On Your Kids?
  233. Best Relationships Encouragement
  234. Things he wants you to say in bed
  235. Five flirting tips to help grab his attention
  236. Singapore Government warn their women to stay away from Nigerian men - video
  237. President Mugabe - Homosexuals Are Worse Than Pigs And Dogs
  238. Ex-Boxer Severs Peniss 'In Obedience To Holy Spirit'
  239. A British woman went bonkers on a public transport
  240. Amazing Frisbee Throw Off Australian Bridge
  241. TheMarvelInc: Jerkin Aint Dead (Getting Off) Ily The Fanz:)
  242. Africa Investigates - Fool's Gold by Anas
  243. Which Of These Ladies Is The Worse Liar? (For Laughs)
  244. Ten Ways to Marry the Wrong Person
  245. Kumasi worships with Sonnie Badu
  246. Should A Christian Listen To Secular Music?
  247. Are you dating the wrong guy? 3 ways to tell
  248. Seduce your husband all over again
  249. 4 Kisses you must master
  250. 4 Things Men Want On A First Date