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  1. How To Split When Divorce Is Banned
  2. Our Pastors Are Leading Us To Hell
  3. Overwhelming Proof That The World Is totally Nuts!
  4. Interesting Ways To Propose Marriage
  5. What Car Does Your Pastor Use?
  6. Why Women Should Be Interested On The Issue Of Homosexuality
  7. Kissing Couple: I Was Just Trying To Calm Down My Girlfriend
  8. Sexual Assaults, Predatory Homosexuals In Schools
  9. Legendary Womaniser Playboy Chief Hugh Hefner Gone Deaf From Taking Too Much Viagra
  10. Are All Fathers Worth Celebrating?
  11. A Must See!!!
  12. PHOTO: Men Will Always Be Men
  13. Man Hides In Toilet To Spy On Women
  14. PHOTO: Mr. Ibu To Contest For Miss World
  15. Thief Wears Coat He Stole To Court
  16. No Bed-Hopping In Dubai
  18. Man Builds A Replica Of Noah's Ark
  19. Right Reverend, Father And Imam Of Ghana: Your Religions Are About To Expire
  20. OK, So I've Broken Your Heart; What Do You Want Me To Do?
  21. Woman Marries Her Dead Fiancé
  22. Do You Simmer Or Soar When It Comes To Sex
  23. Woman Celebrates 27 Years Of UNHAPPY Marriage
  24. Homosexuality: Biological Claims Unfounded.
  25. Funny video: African Micheal Jackson
  26. How To Tell If A Man Likes You
  27. Woman dies of heart attack at own funeral
  28. It is my day ooo
  29. VIDEO: The Taxi Driver Who Sings Like Michael Jackson
  30. PHOTO: World’s Most Ugliest Dog Named
  31. Businessman Buys A Bottle Of Champagne For £120,000
  32. Watch and Weep
  33. Is This True: ‘Ghanaian Men Can’t Have Good Sex’ – Actress
  34. "Suicide Bombing Detrimental To Islam"
  35. What makes an answer correct?
  36. Can time exist without consciousness?
  37. Does crime need to exist in order for society to be in balance?
  38. Why does the universe exist?
  39. What does it mean for something to exist?
  40. Just wondering
  41. never say never when it comes to women
  42. Are women more likely to steal their friend's boyfriend?
  43. Can she be trusted?
  44. Marry a Ghanaian at home or one abroad?
  45. Three things...
  46. Can u resist a temptation in any form?
  47. What Makes A Man Fall For A Woman?
  48. Restoring The Church to Its Rightful Place in Ghana
  49. How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating
  50. Kim Kardashian Hiring Fleet Of Expensive Cars To Ferry Guests To Her Wedding
  51. Where To Feel The Touch Of The Holy Spirit?
  52. Christopher Columbus Did Not Discover America – Black Africans Did!
  53. Elizabeth Ohene: Fake Prophets
  54. Christian Council Of Churches To Weed Out False Prophets
  55. What’s The Big Deal Marrying A Whiteman? -Kate Henshaw Nutall
  56. On Second Thought, Don't Get Married
  57. Antidote to Unceremonious Marriage Breakups Abroad
  58. OMG Facts
  59. why are we here on earth?
  60. Should Parents be Able to Make Their Children go to Church?
  61. Could Jesus as a biblical character have been partially human?
  62. Do you like tattoos?
  63. Evil and Good Theory 18+
  64. King Nebuchadnezzar To Enter Heaven Without Many Archbishops?
  65. 3 Things To Stop Doing In Your Relationship
  66. 5 Minutes To A Better Marriage
  67. Parents At 13 & 15...9yrs On We’re Getting Wed
  68. Why Men Cheat
  69. How Do We Pray?
  70. 4 Ways To Test Your Relationship
  71. How Soon Is Too Soon To Take Off Your Pantiess For A Man?
  72. 7 Small Signs Of Big Love
  73. 5 Strange Kissing Stories
  74. The Most Romantic Guy In The Whole Wide World?
  75. When Your Boyfriend Has A New Girlfriend
  76. Men judge women in milliseconds
  77. Am not a lesbian
  78. Eternal Return
  79. PHOTO: How To Protect Your Phone
  80. How To Marry A Billionaire
  81. Game Is On...Politicians vrs Footballers
  82. Alex Tips Luclay and Karen To Win Big Brother Amplified
  83. What do you do for a living?
  84. How To Forgive And Move Forward After An Affair
  85. Swinging baby yoga
  86. The Two Hottest Things You Can Say in Bed
  87. The World As I See It - An Essay by Albert Einstein
  88. Are christians Vampires?
  89. Religion is a primitive concept that is doomed in the develpment of humanity
  90. Nigerian Girl Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Jilted Her
  91. The Jamaican Man & The Doctor
  92. How To Get The Best Out Of Your Man!
  93. Have a good Laugh....
  94. Winehouse the latest member of Forever 27 Club
  95. This video is too funny
  96. VIDEO:Two Kids Fight About Marriage
  97. After A Breakup – When To Start Dating Again
  98. Prayer or Loony?
  99. A Meeting With The Devil
  100. Tips For Dealing With Jealousy
  101. 7 Weird Things That Turn Guys On
  102. The REAL Reason Men And Women Cheat
  103. What Men Want in a One Night Stand
  104. Who Benefits More From a Romantic Relationship?
  105. How Can I Find Love - And Get My Bills Paid at the Same Time?
  106. How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend to Want You Back
  107. Evolution Vs Revolution
  108. Premature Ejaculation
  109. If Mom Earns More Than Dad, Who Changes The Diapers?
  110. Shaq and His Girl
  111. Texas jury sentences polygamist leader to life
  112. Is He Cheating On You?
  113. How to build trust in a long distance relationship
  114. How to find true love and happiness
  115. Prayer of a nigerian man!!!!!!!!!
  116. The Hairdresser & The Lawyer (LOL)
  117. The Truth About Jesus (blind Christians Wont Believe)
  118. Which Is Preferable? Peace And Happiness Or Religion
  119. What Is Your Opinion On Paying Tithe?
  120. Where Was Jesus?
  121. PHOTO: London Riots: The Queen Protects Herself
  122. Marriage Humor--Enjoy
  123. Can Women Preach?
  124. How To Tell He Likes You
  125. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  126. A Boy Abroad Calls His Mom To Say He's Got AIDS
  127. What is the best way to ask your husband to lose weight?
  128. What you need to change when you get married
  129. Man and woman
  130. Top ten myths about introverts
  131. This is the single most important issue in the history of the world
  132. Reality
  133. spell ur name
  134. How to build trust in a long distance relationship
  135. the ----- asked for a raise, lol
  136. Geez…So What If He Falls Down? (LOL)
  137. Should Women Change Their Last Names After Marriage?
  138. funny n its in gh
  139. top secondary schools in ghana. name urs
  140. Are you still smiling?
  141. Single People May Die Younger - Study
  142. How to end a relationship gracefully
  143. Nigerian Accent Ranked As The 5th Sexiest In The World!
  144. Dead man' wakes up in a South African morgue
  145. The Asante Princess Who Never Became My Princess!
  146. amazing
  147. Jokes (add yours)
  148. this was really a surprise
  149. Internet Dating Secrets and Techniques Which Are Quite Productive
  150. What is a church?
  151. Limitation
  152. Why?
  153. What!!!!!?
  154. How the Evangelical Church has failed Africa
  155. Most black women do not have their own hair?
  156. Happiness in Marriage - Is it the Man or Woman?
  157. Can men breastfeed?
  158. Is she deceiving me?
  159. The story of Chidinma
  160. How to turn a guy friend into a boyfriend
  161. A lil humor for y'all
  162. earthquake rocks the east coast
  163. What the Bible say abt Marriage
  164. What if?
  165. For the ladies!!!!!!!!!!!
  166. Trust
  167. GSM wahala!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. ex boyfriend or husby?
  169. games time guys!!!!!!!
  170. who can spoke english more than me?{wrong english forum!!}
  171. homophones..lets go
  172. lets make a story!!!!!!!!!
  173. lol
  174. Prayer of a hustler
  175. What's The Smartest Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You?
  176. true or false?
  177. 9ja responses to song
  178. around the world in alphabetical order
  179. "Versus" Game
  180. make a shout out to your..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  181. Single Ladies!! Stop looking for men!
  182. How To Tell If A Girl Really Likes You - 16 Signs To Know That She Is Interested
  183. for the men to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. A first date tip guide for clueless Guys
  185. Make Time to LAUGH
  186. Psalm 93 in Pidgin
  187. 2011 Is A Bad Year For Ghanaian Fake Pastors – Hurrah!
  188. Senior in a S.ex Shop
  189. English Language
  190. Who's your baby’s Daddy?
  191. to be 6 again lol
  192. Thanks To Facebook
  193. real nice
  194. This will never end. Why?
  195. if u love someone!!
  196. lol!!!
  197. slap/save!!
  198. who !!
  199. pick a color!!
  200. hav fun
  201. nice one, hahahaha
  202. lolololololo
  203. a letter to my dad!!!!!!
  204. lololol part 2
  205. hmmmm!!!!!!!!
  206. For the ladies-How to turn a guy friend into a boyfriend
  207. The top lies women tell
  208. Sexual Partners
  209. breaking up wit a suicidal
  210. why ladies
  211. are tall ladies sexier than short ladies?
  212. two sisters pregnant for the same man
  213. husband for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!
  214. are u ordinary?
  215. boys of today!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Sweet Toto
  217. Homosexuality and the Bible
  218. three questions
  219. Courtship vs Dating Series
  220. Shashee wowo
  221. "Cliffhanger" Only in Toronto.
  222. @sshole
  223. Teletubbie test
  224. a Christian
  225. American english
  226. growing up!!!!!!!!
  227. Why men prefer beer to women!!!!!
  228. I'm cummin too......lol
  229. A Very Smart Kid.....lol
  230. Recipe for happiness
  231. Qualities of a Perfect husband
  232. Women: The best Vehicles in the world
  233. PART 2 OF Courtship vs. Dating
  234. :(
  235. 28 WAYS T0 MAKE A Girl Smile.....
  236. Every Girls Dream
  237. 45 things a girl want, but won't ask for:
  238. :):d
  239. Which do u like?
  240. Why Mistresses Are Essential To Marriages
  241. When A Woman Asks You Where You're From 101
  242. Love?
  243. Six Things Which Weaken The Relations:
  244. This is What Pure Love is ♥
  245. Be honest and answer about your relationship
  246. 12 Signs your falling in Love.. ♥ :
  247. Sweet!!!!!!!!
  248. My Daughters:
  249. My Daughters:
  250. Real talk for the ladies: