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  1. How to Say I'm Sorry
  2. Funny Jamaican Hotel Joke
  3. An answer to what really happens after death?
  4. Worker hands back £2m paid by mistake
  5. Top 10 Reasons Women Cheat
  6. How To End An Office Romance
  7. MENIFESTO-Mr. Chamai It Gives Me A Great Precious....
  8. I miss my mum
  9. What is your current status?
  10. Weirdest workplace disputes
  11. Classic Lateral Thinking Exercises
  12. The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever!
  13. Cinderella Would Be Shocked
  14. Money
  15. Atm
  16. Smart Student
  17. The Bar Story
  18. Jesus Christ: Fact or Fiction?
  19. I Prayed That Ghana Never Find Oil – Otabil
  20. Blind Date gone sour.....lololololol
  21. Man and Puss
  22. Did you know
  23. When a girl is...
  24. THE SPOILED UNDER-30 CROWD!! If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!
  25. Damn fine explanation
  26. Happy independence day!!
  27. Kwaku Manu in his elements....lololololol
  28. Secret To Happy Marriage
  29. The Women Men Want To Date
  30. If the Bible is nonsense and evolution fails to explain abiogenesis...
  31. Making Love With The Kids Around: What To Do
  32. Conscience: Is there a universal moral law?
  33. Should women who get married take their husbands last name?
  34. Are Religious people closed minded and egotistical?
  35. Mo Nique on Relationships
  36. Vaginax Lady - Hahahahahahah! 2+2=Vaginax
  37. You Love Your Guy, You Really Do, But...
  38. fake diploma or degree
  39. If you were to die today....
  40. Generic name for Viagra....:)
  41. Frog Dance
  42. If you caught your Mum compromising, would you tell your Dad?
  43. I have not been able to tell my husband .
  44. Marriage Proposal?! Tanya's Question
  45. What are your views on Objectivism?
  46. Do we have a moral obligation to report corruption in our workplaces?
  47. Blackhole
  48. Why am i married?
  49. What Not To Do After You've Been Dumped!
  50. What Lack Of Sex Education Does
  51. I am a Priest and I will not lie....:)
  52. An Honest Lawyer.......lol
  53. Snake Bites Model on the breast!!!
  54. Is he just playing me????
  55. How do we know we exist?
  56. Rationalist fears?
  57. My fiancée exchanged sex for money .
  58. 10 biggest dating deal breakers
  59. Millionaire destroys his own Lamborghin
  60. Facebook Cheating: That’s Not Adultery, Darling
  61. Why Kissing Is Good
  62. Are You in an Abusive Relationship?
  63. Pastor explaining the "F" word
  64. 6 Reasons Why You Can't Leave a Loser
  65. 5 Secrets for Making Love Last
  66. Take a read! "How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work"
  67. Recipe for a happy marriage (Feel free to share any of your own-in a marriage or not)
  69. Eugenics & Depopulation Are The Means; Scientific Dictatorship Is The Goal!
  70. I think it's just one of the cutest things i've ever read. It is a bit lengthy, but..
  71. Why we bash cheating men, but feel bad for cheating women. (an interesting thread)
  72. 8 Mistakes Men Make with Women
  73. Should You Be Friends with Your Ex?
  74. Why Women Stay With Cheaters
  75. Top 10 Questions About Cheating
  76. What is your faith/belief and in one sentence, what is your belief about?
  77. Christianity --Youth Issues/I feel like Christianity is too much work?
  78. If You Were to Die Today Would You be 100% Sure That You Would go to Heaven?
  79. Hell is Real...Don't be fooled!
  80. Woman’s blind date with long lost brother
  81. 9 ways to dump someone
  82. Pulling by numbers: The science of attraction
  83. What AreTthe Dangers Of Married People Flirting?
  84. What Makes A Man Fall For A Woman?
  85. Two Ladies Talking in Heaven
  86. A Priest to count on :-)
  87. 9 Reasons Why Men Cheat
  88. Does Your Name Determine Your Destiny?
  89. A Blonde Goes On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  90. Lawyer Joke
  91. Girls night out - Joke
  92. From A Mother With Love - Joke
  93. Advantages Of Being A Woman
  94. 101 Ways To Annoy People
  95. 10 Husbands, Still a Virgin
  96. The bride tells her husband
  97. Poor guy
  98. Revenge Is Sweet
  99. 0 to 200 in 6 seconds
  100. What are some inconsistencies that you see in world religions?
  101. Why do women believe in psychics and astrology so much more than men do?
  102. Can you disprove the Bible?
  103. What is it like to experience a miracle?
  104. Who prays for Satan?
  105. Is suicide forbidden in Islam?
  106. What is the true meaning of "Jihad" according to the Qur'an?
  107. What caused the Big Bang?
  108. What makes the Big Bang more believable than Creation?
  109. 3 Reasons To Go For Out-Of-The-Usual Guys
  110. Personal Relationship Values
  111. Living Authentically
  112. How to Keep Boundaries with a “Work Spouse”
  113. Co-Parenting with Your Ex
  114. Discipline Dos and Don’ts
  115. Strategies for Rebuilding a Marriage
  116. A Marriage Covenant
  117. Please describe yourself in TWO words!
  118. What are some of your pet peeves?
  119. If you had one wish to be granted, what would it be?
  120. How do you ask someone out?
  121. Biology Exam Joke!
  122. Beer Preachers - Joke
  123. Five Important Qualities Of A Woman: For Men Only
  124. Ideal Man
  125. The Real Signs They're in Love!
  126. Naked Diet
  127. For Women Only (this thread is for both male and female)
  128. If Men Got Pregnant
  129. Bad Psychology
  130. Top 10 Things Men Know About Women
  131. Persecution of Christians Growing in the United States
  132. The Real History of the Crusades
  133. Gardening in Ghana- what are you planting?
  134. How To Deal With Your In-Laws
  135. Why Women Cheat!!!
  136. Is being selfish a bad thing?
  137. Europe's Future Lies Under Africa - Scientists
  138. Dating tips for the newly single
  139. PHOTO: What ICT Has Done To The World Today
  140. Please let us share any recipes relating to eatables
  141. Why being pleasant sends out a butterfly effect of goodwiill
  142. VIDEO: Crazy Guy Dancing in Church
  143. The Top Lies Women Tell
  144. Excited dog plays with baby
  145. Doritos® - Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Winner: House Rules (Doritos)
  146. rehabilitation programmes and religion
  147. Joke - Kumasi Airport Tower Control
  148. Catching the wave of awakening.
  149. Free Newsletter From ECKANKAR
  150. How To Mend A Marriage After An Affair
  151. What do you think about Philadelphia Condom Campaign Targetimg Kids as Young as 11?
  152. Why having guy friends is important
  153. How to build trust in your relationship
  154. How To Turn A Guy Friend Into A Boyfriend
  155. What Chefs do when they are bored
  156. Prophet predicts earthquake will wipe out the world in Nov.
  157. Ghana Dating - Free Dating Ghana Men & Women
  158. New Beer Made With Viagra
  159. The Truth About Fufu
  160. An alien's body?
  161. Male Finger Lengths Related To Attractiveness
  162. Happy easter
  163. Divorce almost always is a dangerous option
  164. Married Woman Caught Having Sex In A Kitchen With Lover
  165. Only A Jamaican, Barbadian and a Trinidadian
  166. Trini Again
  167. One Sunday Morning
  168. Ah Cuss Out De Boss
  169. Which is it?
  170. Tomorrow?
  171. Three things
  172. One thing
  173. Your child(ren)
  174. I See Tragedies in Today’s Technology and Inventions
  175. Black or Yellow - Naija Boyz Remix .. Lol
  176. Why is talking about sex bad to some people?
  177. Obama's view on Global Warming
  178. Do you have more children to take care of you in an older age?
  179. Aliens likely exist but.....
  180. Is Voting Because of Race As Bad As Voting Against Race?
  181. Should obese people who eat McDonalds regualrly be able to sue them?
  182. Should suicide be a crime or freedom of choice?
  183. Everybody is insane
  184. Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?
  185. Hypnosis?
  186. What Is Your Dominant Gene
  187. "my-faith-a-reluctant-churchgoer-gets-the-holy-ghost"
  188. The Taxi Drunk Joke
  189. The Worst 4 Words A Man Can Say In A Divorce
  190. I Gave Up My Job, Left My Husband & Son And Married An Ex-Convict In Prison - Sharon
  191. How to win over stubborn children
  192. Men First To Say 'I Love You'
  193. Ghanaian cocoa farmers destroying virgin rain forest?
  194. Video: Man Struck By Lightning
  195. Stories About Rumi
  196. Easter - The Resurrection of Jesus
  197. Good Friday - The Crucifixion of Jesus
  198. Do Men Want Skinny Women?
  199. Do Women Like Pornography As Much As Men?
  200. Global warming
  201. What Is A Horoscope
  202. Mother feeding Goats with her breastmilk
  203. Are Old Women Witches?
  204. Mummy’s Dimples & Pimples - Strictly For Women; Compulsory For Men
  205. How To Avoid Awkward Moments After Sex
  206. PHOTO: President Obama Braids Hair & Pierces Ear
  207. Ghanaian Girl Talks About Adam And Eve (Funny Clip)
  208. Focus on the tao te ching
  209. She is six weeks pregnant for me .
  210. 7 Reasons Women Experience Depression
  211. Out Of Body Experiences
  212. 'There Is No Heaven'
  213. Beleieve in the doctrine of Trinity
  214. FIRESTORM: Psychologist 'Explains' Why Black Women Are Less Attractive
  215. Tick Tock Goes The Doomsday Clock: End Will Come On May 21
  216. Bride Jumps Out Of Window After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her
  217. Three sons-three gifts
  218. Men's fault
  219. 1 Question
  220. A Teenager is...
  221. These quotes were taken from actual Federal (US) employee performance evaluations...
  222. Ever wonder...
  223. Greatest Marriage proposal ever!!
  224. Photo: Meet The Man Behind May 21 'Judgment Day'
  225. ‘Heaven Does Not Operate By The Solar System’
  226. Pastors Asked To Stop Worshippers From Waving Handkerchiefs
  227. What is your purpose?
  228. Do you have any fear(s)?
  229. What Makes A Woman Marriage Material?
  230. Preacher Misquotes The Holy Bible
  231. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Wife Breaks Record Divorce Payout
  232. Of Romeo Pastors And Hotel Rooms
  233. what are the positive things about smoking?
  234. Bleaching Black Women
  235. Catholic Church In Turmoil
  236. Club Tells Wives To Be "Prostitutes In Bed"
  237. Butt Measurements
  238. The Candle
  239. Fathers Day Prayer
  240. Beer Contains Female Hormones
  241. Which of all churches on earth is the only true church?
  242. Paying money to church pastors and musicians
  243. Is Good the Absence of Evil?
  244. Suffering and happy?
  245. A valid question about the Devil
  246. Noahs Ark (How can anyone possibly believe the story)
  247. Christianity is not defined solely by the Bible
  248. jokes for 2 weeks:)
  249. Unattached African Women Abroad in Serious Crisis (Part 2)
  250. The Value Of A Woman's Love